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    Planning the budget of your watch is the first thing to do when you are considering to buy one. The wide range of markets for wood watches offers you an excellent opportunity to choose a favorable watch depending on your pocket size. You don’t have to strain your income and expenses when looking for a good watch. The modern technology has made it possible for components to be accessed cheaply thus affecting the overall price of the final products. Having a look at various e-commerce websites and blogs can give you a good idea of the prices of watches It has long been said, that cheap is expensive and quality goes hand in hand with the price of a product. Surprisingly, the opposite applies to the wood watch market. Its possible to buy a watch at a relatively low price yet enjoy quality features from it. The varying prices of wood watches depend on various factors including:


    The very best wood watches for guys 2019 : the price of watches vary from brand to brand.

    2. Movement: quartz and mechanical movements have different prices.

    3. Wood: the quality of wood also determines the overall price of a watch. High-quality wood translates to high prices.

    4. Functionality: different watches have varying capabilities and hence varying prices.

    5. The price of common watches ranges between $50 dollars and $500 dollars. However, some can cost as much as 1000 dollars.


    You may have heard several people claiming that the brand of a certain item doesn¡¯t matter. While that may be true while considering the basic function of the item, other factors may make you consider the various brands. Watch brands differ in several aspects like price, warranty, designs variation and quality of their timepieces. You may consider buying a watch from the popular brands like We Wood, Cuccuzzi, Bewel, and Nixon among many others. The good thing about these brands is that their information is splattered everywhere on the internet. There has been a far-fetched prejudice against China’s products. Over the few recent years, China¡¯s manufacturers like Gassen James and Luno Wear have come up with quite appreciable wood watches with different designs. You can buy a watch from Bewell at a price as low as $20. However, some brands like Grovemade whose watches are assembled in the USA sell at price range of $240-$320.


    These are the features and capabilities that watch manufactures and sellers outline for you in their websites. The various specifications to consider when buying a wood watch are;


    There are two main mechanisms that are responsible for the movement of the hands of watches. They are the mechanical and quartz movement. They act as the engine that makes a watch to work. Quartz movement is found in standard watches and is cheaper than the mechanical movement. It utilizes a battery to move the parts of the watch. The battery powers the quartz crystal which vibrates to create the tick-tock movement of the watch¡¯s hands. On the other hand, mechanical movement derives its power from a wound spring functions as energy storage. It transfers the energy to several gears which make up the smooth movement of the hands. The major quartz movements are Swiss quartz movement and the Japanese Miyota quartz movement.


    The dial, band and are the major parts that are made of wood in wooden watches. However, this does not restrict manufacturers from combining wood with other materials like plastic and stainless steel. The different types of wood differ in various aspects. They include:

    1. Texture: this how smooth or rough a certain wood is. Rough wood can be polished to smoothen it.

    2. Grain pattern: this refers to the pattern of the wood’s surface.

    3. Color: the color of a certain wood determines the general appearance of the watch. Wood’s are available in different colors.

    4. Durability: it determines how long your watch can stay without damage. Good wood is not damaged easily.

    Watch crystal:

    It’s commonly referred to as the glass that covers the dial. Acrylics crystal are the cheapest but are durable. Hence they are hard to break. However, they are highly susceptible to scratches.
    The ideal wooden watches for gentlemen 2019 is mainly made of glass. It’s resistant to scratches but can easily break. The sapphire crystal is an expensive crystal defined by its hardness, transparent nature and scratch resistance. You will commonly find it in high-end watches. However, it breaks easily compared to mineral and acrylic crystals.


    This refers to the features and capabilities of the wood watch. You may consider looking for a watch with various functionalities. However, it will cost you some extra bucks to purchase a watch with high-end features. The common features of a wood watch include:

    1 .Calendar display: it shows the date, month and the year.

    2. Chronograph: it’s the time feature of the watch. Recent wood watches have an independent second, minute and hour hands.

    3. Digital or analog: with the invention of the digital scope in electronics, some watch manufacturers have invested in it. However, common wood watches are the analog type.

    4. Water-proof: modern watches come with water-resistance capability. It measures in standards known as ATM which is a measure of water pressure at depth of 10 meters. Common wood watches are marked 3ATM. However, it’s important to note that most watches are only resistant to splash water. Hence, it’s advisable to avoid swimming with your watch in deep waters.

    5. Non-allergic: most wooden watches pose little or no allergy-related problems.

    Band length and face size

    Wood watches come in different cars diameters and wrist lengths. Therefore, it’s important to consider the proportionality of the face and band length of your watch. You can use a tape measure or objects with a definite length to estimate the diameter of your wrist. The thickness of the watch is also an important factor to consider.


    Different styles dictate different watches. However, all styles fall under two major categories; casual or formal styles. Casual watches are the most common in the modern world market. They tend to be large and sport striking colors. Zebrawood and verawood are the most preferred wood for making casual watches. In addition, a casual watch may sport fancier functionalities like illuminated hands and digital displays. If you have a knack for the formal style, then a thin and average sized watch is the best option for you. The small thickness prevents your watch from bulging out on your shirt or blouse. Besides, formal watches lack the flashing colors that are common in casual watches. They have formal colors originating from woods like ebony, bamboo, and walnut. Also, formal watches have simple functionalities.


    Having considered your preferences, the final step is to purchase the watch. Experts highly advise against buying a watch from a retailer shop especially if you are doing so for the first time. They may be cheap but their quality is wanting. They are made of poor quality wood and other materials making them more susceptible to damage by water or physical force. Buying a watch from online sellers is the best option. However, you should carry out thorough research on the seller other to avoid buying a counterfeit watch. Always check the customers’ reviews and ratings. You can opt to buy directly from the Brand’s website or general online sellers like eBay and Amazon. The advantage of searching from brand’s website is that you can access a whole range of watches according to your specifications.


    Choosing a wood watch from the several brands in the market can be a tiresome and often confusing process. However, this should not be a worry to you anymore. The above guide majors on specific aspects that you should consider when looking for a watch. I certainly hope that the guide will help you do away with those timeless and tiresome hustles should be issues of the past.


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