If you own an online business, it is easy to miss hosting services. Often we think we don’t need it or can do without it.

A notable thing about website hosting is that over the years it has grown and developed and for someone who maybe started with only a blog it is definitely worth a try.

For a growing business or someone looking to venture out into cyber space, web hosting has proven to be the way to go. A good business hosting service can start with as much as $50 in the first year and progress to more in the years to follow as the business grows into enterprise hosting.

The good thing is that in that beginning year you get to learn so much about the service and how to maximize its use. To get a website launched, I would say that price is quite affordable.

In my opinion, if your website is not hobby related then it is in your best interest to invest in an excellent business hosting for your trading venture. The web hosting provider such as TD Web Services have varying packages that are friendly to the level of financial commitment you are willing or able to make in the beginning.

I have come up with a list below explaining why I think business hosting is essential for your business.

Fast and Functional

Take a minute and think about the devices in your daily life, from the cell phone to the computer to the television. We all want them faster.

If something was even slightly slower than average we tend to get frustrated. Imagine you are watching a video on YouTube or loading Netflix on your television or simply trying to load your Facebook page and it takes one second instead of the usual less than half a second. You would be without a doubt annoyed.

Slow internet connection is ranked among the top three most frustrating things. Google, being one of the bigger names in the internet industry recognizes this and has made it a priority to enhance speed on their searches. With research proving fewer searches with lower speeds.

We have an insatiable need for speed. The faster the better. Speed in life essentially means that we save time to do other things. Or even simply rest.

In a website the difference between a buy and losing out could simply be as a result of speed or a few seconds. How so? If a person is shopping for dress they will want to browse through a collection before they pick their choice. If your website is taking a little too long to load they may just opt for another website. The speed found on the enterprise hosting offered by TD Web Services are a great example of fast loading speeds for your website.

There are other factors as well but typically, people prefer faster services or products and you want your website in this category.

The Down time cost

Downtime is another part of hosting.

Amazon is one of the more popular organizations in the internet world. About four years ago it had a downtime of a whole 40 minutes. This resulted in a loss greater than $4 million.

Often websites will go down and there are many reasons why. For any website owner, an outage or downtime will occur at one point or the other. It is somewhat inevitable. The idea is to cut the downtime and check how to stop a re-occurrence as much as possible in the future. Most web hosting providers have information on expected up-time e.g TD Web Services offers a 99.99% up-time guarantee. This essentially means whether on a business hosting or enterprise hosting package, virtually always available for business.

While for large businesses a few minutes downtime could mean millions, for smaller businesses a few minutes can slip under the radar but sometimes outages can last for hours, some even days at times. This would mean all new customers are going to a different website.

A great hosting company will pride itself on a minimal downtime. While eliminating all together is not practical at this stage the priority is getting the website back up as fast as possible.

In some cases hosts have charges for that service while others such as TD Web Services do not. It is essential to compare the potential loss of business then establish whether the cost of the service is worthwhile.

Peace of mind

One of the scariest things for most people is hosting. Even with knowledge on websites and all the know-how related to hosting, the idea is still intimidating.

No one likes the feeling of helplessness which follows when something goes awry on your website especially if it is hosting related.

This is where comfort of service comes in. with a great hosting company you get great services and customer support. It is paramount that when a problem occurs, and you reach out to your host provider, they respond to you very quickly. This I would say gives the most satisfactory feeling.

Of course for some hosting providers there will be an extra cost but the charges depend on the business hosting package. Some do not charge for any support given and are committed to ensuring you receive excellent support. It is up to you to decide if they are worth it.

In conclusion, if you are just starting out it’s alright to go with a basic hosting plan. I would recommend TD Web Services for either their business hosting or enterprise hosting packages for your website hosting.  For business growth and development then it is essential to invest in good and reliable hosting because a good hosting service provider, can aid you by tailoring the service to your needs.


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