Lizzie McKay
We are meant for Abundance. The world is full of abundance, and we are meant to experience it. If we stop and pay attention, abundance is everywhere. So why is it that abundance sometimes seems so elusive?

In order to feel abundance, we need to make changes to our mindset. Changing mindsets from deprivation to abundance takes time. It take’s practice, but literally every single person has the ability to do just that. We have to create new neuronal pathways in our brain and to do so we must be vigilant in redirecting our attention until those pathway’s are formed and become second nature. You change your mind by changing your mindset. Thinking positively, and abundantly, consistently helps to develop the neural pathways needed to create the mindset shift.

At a physiological level, the feeling’s of being safe and cared are what allows our “fight or flight’ response to turn off. If you are in fear or deprivation mindset, it’s difficult to feel abundant and you are most likely holding yourself back from accepting abundance. You may have to dig deep and acknowledge and allow in certain feelings that are related to the origins of our feelings of fear and deprivation. You will need to confront those feelings and accept them as your past, but not your present. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring them. Instead face them full on so that you may acknowledge them and start to tell yourself that they no longer have a hold over you.

Here are a few way’s to start opening yourself up for an abundance mindset.

  • Practice gratitude: Bring up an image of a past or present person who showed you respect and caring and speak your thank you, or write your thank you to them. You do not have to give it to them, but if you want to then go ahead.

  • Focus on the small things in your life that bring you pleasure: Your pets, Hug’s from loved one’s, The sun shining down on you, long hot showers, or anything that feels good to you.

  • Visualize each of these things and say “thank you for their presence in your life.”

  • Acknowledge yourself for the positive changes you have made: Ending an unhealthy relationship, healthy food choices, working out, anything that you have taken steps to learn and grow from.

  • Express gratitude for being alive: Realize that each day is a new opportunity to expand your life and meet any unmet needs.

Take some time today to take some deep breaths and notice just how blessed you are to be right where you are. You need to realize that this very moment in your life affords you the opportunity to give to others, and to attract more goodness into your life at the same time. Abundance is a conscious choice. When you realize the things that hold you in the grips of the scarcity mindset, and acknowledge and let them go, you open yourself up to abundance. You open yourself up to a life filled with a whole lot more possibilities.

Lizzie McKay is CEO and Founder of The Visionary Mindset. She is a business and personal life coach and works with Individuals and Corporations to learn how to Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life. If you would like to work with her, visit her website


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