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    What Kind of Elite singles want elite dating with single doctors?

    Contrary to what shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” would like people to believe, the romantic lives of doctors are not so easy. They are known to work crazy hours, often having the worst possible schedule, not having the time to groom or keep fit and getting low enough salaries to attract potential matches. While the pay package might be significantly bigger for elite single doctors, the other problems tend to be the same – more or less. So what types of elite singles want to date with single elite docs exactly?
    Busy professionals
    People who are in very busy professions, such as celebs, are ready to hook up with doctors. They know that such people understand what a busy profession is like and how professional commitments come before everything else in their lives. They find it a good choice to date doctors, content with the knowledge that they will not have to constantly be in touch.
    Other doctors or medical professionals
    It goes without saying that other doctors or medical professionals are interested in dating single doctors who are eligible and match their dating criteria. They know the profession and find an emotional connection with doctors very easily. Doctors from the same elite background and having a similar socio-economic setting can easily match and hook up with each other, and even enter into serious dating or even marriage.
    Independent minded daters
    Many daters are too independent minded and love to spend off time in their own way. The odd hours of doctors are better for them, as it lets them continue with their lives – getting to sleep with the entire bed to themselves, texting friends / family members all night, living in a bohemian way, going out whenever, wherever possible or even having an open relationship. It would not be wrong to say that the number of such independent minded people is growing and many more people are getting open to dating physicians. The busier their doctor partners are, the better it could be for them.
    Sexually frigid / incompetent people
    Such people are only interested in having a platonic relationship, and keep looking for a date only to find emotional succor. They do not have any problem with not having a sexual relationship, either due to dislike for such a bond, or due to sexual frigidity or incompetence in bed or memory of some trauma or abuse associated to sex that makes them averse to physical intimacy. With elite dating site, it is possible for such people to find elite docs with no sexual demands.
    Ill people
    Life is unsparing, and even elite people can suffer from chronic ailments that make them look for qualified doctors through elite dating websites who can assist them continuously with sound medical advice. Having a romantic relationship with a good doctor means there will be no discomforts in sharing private medical details. This is especially the case with psychological issues such as schizophrenia or depression that only a qualified doctor can understand and empathize with.


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