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    How to find and meet sissy men on sissy club?
    It takes all kinds of men to make up the male universe; some are brawny and are hunks with 6 pack abs while there are sissy men who are feminized and they also have special places in this universe.
    Who is the sissy?
    In the United States, sissy is given to an effeminate boy or a man considered being homosexual or cowardly. Masculinity these days is a risk as there are many dangerous challenges facing the brave than showing good deeds and being kind to people around you; consequently some men act feminine and they are called sissy. They love being feminized as they dress like females and act like one. They do not seem to lose their self-esteem by acting feminine but rather it is their choice to be a sissy. They are proud of the name and like women are submissive, obedient and feminine. http://sissydating.org/


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