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    5 months, 4 weeks ago
    HTG Austin offers technical assistance for the repair of a wide range of electronic devices such as smartphones, cell phones, tablets, notebooks and map updates on satellite navigators. We perform the replacement of the glass, touchscreen or other components of any iPhone or other device, guaranteeing a prompt and high quality service. In addition, we offer a data backup service available on Smartphone and Tablet (data backup is in fact essential in case of device change, reset or reset).

    We optimize and speed up too slow smartphones and tablets due to obsolete operating systems or those unable to support program updates through custom rom installations (a custom rom is a more complete version of the operating system, with more functionality and customization and fluidity) greater than the original one).

    iPhone repair Austin

    We provide assistance for a wide range of repair services such as hardware and software repair, tablet repair, smartphones and notebooks of all brands, cleaning of virus-infected PCs, formatting of the Windows operating system, up to backup data backup so as not to lose any important data . 

    We are specialized in home assistance in Austin and surrounding area both for companies and individuals, with the possibility of remote assistance, thus allowing us to diagnose and solve a technical problem on the computer wherever you are, at home, in the office or traveling for work reasons.

    At our technical laboratory you will be assisted with useful explanations, recommended for functional choices, directed to the purchase more inherent to your needs and supported for installation, configuration and first use of your Personal Computer. 

    We also offer tailor-made solutions for companies, for which IT assistance is managed and designed to adapt to every single need. HTG Austin has been the reference point for individuals, professionals and large companies in the local market with whom we deal daily. The transparent and correct relationship established with our customers has allowed us to always be known and appreciated.


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