Snapchat is one of the top social messaging and chat applications targeted at youth demographics. It is running hot on the heels of Facebook and Instagram among the popularity of social media applications. Are you looking for some ways to improve your business’s visibility on Snapchat?

Geofilters can be a salient way to build locally relevant engagement, drive sales, and conversions. Here are some creative ways in which you can use Snapchat geo filters for better social media marketing.

Drive Sales

The most useful aspect of geofilters is that businesses now have a way to advertise themselves to local customers in an easy way which is analogous to having a mobile phone version of a billboard, basically. When the user takes a snap at a place and accesses existing Snapchat filters, the geofilters that you have promoted for the surrounding area show up.

This is particularly of help if you are newly setting up a business and are desperately looking to drive traffic to it.

For instance, if you have setup a pizza place near the City Hall in Philadelphia, you can easily setup a geo filter to be displayed to tourists who come and take snaps of the City Hall, where you provide information about your place nearby.

Promote Events

Geo filters can also be a great way to promote events around popular destinations. While the utility of this is immediately evident around prominent tourist destinations like the Statue of Liberty, this can really tap any place where people take a lot of photographs, like a popular ski resort. Geo filters can be a great way to draw people from a receptive audience to events.

For instance, you can setup a geo filter near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco which displays information about an upcoming summer concert series near the Bay, to people taking pictures of the bridge.

Promote Offers

While Groupon has already taken local business coupons mainstream, with Snapchat you have the opportunity to leverage coupons in a manner previously not possible. The advantage that Snapchat gives you is one of being able to serve offers when the prospect is hot, that is close to the business in question.

By being able to serve such offers, you are able to increase your hit rate in terms of the relevance of the coupon to the prospect. If a prospect takes a picture at Niagara Falls, it would be ideal if you could serve information about a dining coupon right then. Snapchat geo filters give you this ability.

Drive Cross Traffic from Big Events

Geo filters give your business the ability to piggyback off the traffic attracted to major events. If the World Series is happening in NYC, you have the ability to drive offers from your restaurant in the locality to customers taking pictures at the stadium.

Given that Snapchat gives you the ability to finely specify the location and time for which the geo filter would be active, you can precisely target your campaign for specific days to achieve spectacular results.


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