Leadership Lessons Tim Cook

Steve Jobs wasn’t a great engineer; he didn’t even have a master’s degree. But what he did excel at was marketing. This is what allowed him to take Apple from a company on the brink of bankruptcy to where it is today.

There is a lot to learn from Apple’s marketing. Here are ten lessons:

Keeping it simple

Prospects and customers do not need complex campaigns which overwhelm them with information. Apple’s ads are very straightforward; they show products and nothing else. There’s no flashy noise, just the bare minimum.

Using product placement

Apple has enough money to put its devices in movies and TV shows, but it is okay if they don’t. They chose to share products through influencers on Snapchat and Instagram instead. Once influencers start sharing products and showing how beneficial they are, the seed has been planted.

Leverage reviews

Apple has taken a lot of feedback from customers. You could consider free samples in exchange for reviews on social media. Customers don’t usually mind giving reviews when asked. Just make sure the reviews have customer names or avatars otherwise, it’s pointless.

Unique value propositions

Apple never gets involved in pricing wars. They stick to their prices even though they are way higher than the competition. They do this because of the unique value proposition they offer. Beautiful products that work right out of the box.

Stand for something

Everyone wants to know that you stand for something. They want to know your core values, so they are comfortable when buying your products. This goes far beyond only the product. It needs to be apparent as far as everything else is concerned too including the retail appearance, packaging, and marketing collateral.

Create experiences

Anybody can make a product; not many can create experiences which are memorable and entice customers to return, though. Apple is the one who invented customer experiences. Creating something that customers remember.

Speak to audiences

Since Apple knows what their customers are about, they know how to speak to them. This creates a deep bond and increases sales. They avoid terms or explanations which would confuse and reach customers on a level their competition has not yet managed to understand.

Create an aura

The best approach which Apple used is creating a mystery about what their next product launches or announcements are going to be based on. Everything is hidden until the big reveal. This pumps up the customers and has them buying whatever is released immediately.

Appeal to emotions

They have been able to reach their customers on an emotional level and created evangelists out of them. Their ads show customers having a great time with their products instead of focusing on battery life or memory size.

Use visuals

People are sick and tired of reading. This is why videos are so popular today. There are fewer words, and they can make a much greater impact on customer experience. Fewer words can mean more to an audience when they are accompanied by images which resonate on an emotional level.


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