Brad Parscale, the digital director for Donald Trump’s campaign, is among the last few people still part of his team today. With the end of the campaign upon Trump, he is much busier right now.

Trump has cycled through personnel during his campaign, and Parscale is the one who has kept everything running during this time. Working out of an office in San Antonio, his influence on the campaign has only been growing.

Some people believe this digital strategy Trump is utilizing now was stolen from Bernie Sanders. Hey, whatever works! Much too some Democrats chagrin and Bernie Sander’s supporters he was cheated by the Democratic party. The vote in Kentucky and other places for example were rigged. This is no secret. Sanders was just getting in the way. That is how the Democrats do things! Honesty does not matter. Bernie Sander’s campaign should have lasted longer than it did.

His campaign did not own this digital strategy. They did not patent it. If Trump and his campaign want to use it, so be it.

Parscale was at the Republican convention where he was taking Facebook Live videos with Trump’s kids just a night before his official nomination. Through all of this, he managed to stay away from the spotlight. But all of this might change soon.

Trump spent $8.4 million on digital marketing during his campaign and around 90 percent of the money was spent on ads. This is a huge leap which shows how serious Donald Trump has become about digital marketing. It’s not just about Twitter anymore.

Trump Organization

Parscale feels his story is similar to Trump’s when it comes to business. He started with a small investment back in 2004 and began cold calling clients. He soon shifted to major clients like the Trump Organization which also got him work creating websites for the Eric Trump Foundation and the Trump Winery. He is now managing multi-million advertising budgets for the most talked about man in the world right now.

The Trump camp took a while to embrace tech as part of their campaign, but they have covered a lot of ground in a very short period of time. Even though Trump rejected the idea of using digital ground to target voters, he realized its importance quickly and embraced it just in time.

This attempt of Trump to catch up online with the help of digital ads has helped Trump but he is still trailing Hillary Clinton by a short amount. It is hard to beat someone who is on the side of political correctness when this politically correct disease has infected so many Americans. America’s current president cannot even say radical Islam when Americans are being slaughtered in the streets and millions of Americans still support President Obama despite this irrational mentality.

On top of this, when the Democrats have hooked millions of Americans on government handouts and use this to buy votes, it is hard to beat. Just ask Mitt Romney about that!

But, there’s another reason why his campaign is giving digital ads so much more importance, his campaign made the mistake of not reserving enough TV time.

Between July and November, Trump only received $654,455 in radio and TV advertising whereas Clinton received $111 million. Trump did just spend $4 million buying TV ads but still has some work to do.

Leading the Leaders

So, he has put some of his focus into digital ads and so far it seems to be working OK. But, Republican voters tend to be older than others, and they usually get their information and news from the TV.

Parscale is satisfied with the returns digital marketing is getting for Trump. $80 million was raised by the campaign because of an increase in digital ads in July, and even though we don’t know how much of it was a direct result of the ads, it’s pretty decent. It seems highly unlikely the campaign is going to slow down now and as long as it keeps working, there’s no reason why they should.

The Big Picture

The web is working for him somewhat, and that’s great news for America and the world. Just look at what Hillary Clinton and the Democrats did to the Middle East from 2012 to the present day. WMD is now being used in Syria! Incredible! Thousands dead because of sarin gas while America’s President plays golf.

The recession continues, America’s debt is now $20 trillion, the real unemployment rate is around 15%, and so on. Trump has a lot to go on but political correctness, the abortion issue, and buying votes with food stamps are hard factors to overcome.

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