is a crowdfund service that has been launching and promoting new crowdfunding projcts since 2008. Early on in the crowdfunding industry they offered crowdfunders PR and other marketing services. They soon transformed their digital marketing agency into a full service crowdfund marketing agency.

Beyond Buzz went from being a digital marketing firm with an emphasis in E-commerce to a full fledged crowdfund marketing service. Their marketing team used their expertise in traditional e-commerce and startup marketing to form the leading crowdfund marketing agency today.

Why are crowdfund agencies like Beyond Buzz seeing such record growth? Entrepreneurs are choosing crowdfunding as their prefered means of accessing the necessary capital for their business. It is a far more effective way to get funding for your idea than using risky loans or other means. Even startup money from venture capitalists can often come with a hefty price tag. Crowdfunding is quickly becoming a very popular alternative.

The problem with launching your own crowdfunding campaign is doing it properly and reaching enough potential backers. A recent poll shows that 67% of the new crowdfunders need help promoting their projects. That number is even high if you only count first-time crowdfunders. With the potential to access funding so huge but the process difficult, the need for qualified crowdfund marketing agencies like Beyond Buzz is exploding.

The kind of crowdfund marketing offered at focuses on launching new crowdfunding projects on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and other platforms. It includes project setup, project launch, and project promotions. Most crowdfunders need help with all these components in order to be successful. Many projects fail to hit their funding goal without the right help.

Crowdfunding is a disruptive industry with huge potential. With the rise in crowdfunding, services such as Beyond Buzz will continue to be a valuable resource for the entrepreneur community. They are helping entrepreneurs navigate the new process of crowdfunding and access new funding at record levels. This growth of crowdfunding shows little signs of slowing down. Beyond Buzz is certainly in a good position to expand their services and grow with the entire industry.

To learn more about Beyond Buzz and their services available you can visit them online and submit your crowdfunding idea for a Beyond Buzz to review it and give feedback.


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