London – Lender Nebeus has come up with a new way to turn cryptocurrency into extra cash for holiday shopping.

The blockchain platform is allowing borrowers to use Ethereum and Bitcoin as collateral for loans. Under a new program Nebeus will advance fiat-currency loans against altcoins held in its crypto-savings account.

Nebeus holds the Bitcoin or Ethereum as collateral until the loan is repaid. That enables the peer to peer (P2P) platform to make such loans without credit scores. When the loan is repaid the borrower’s cryptocurrency will be returned to his or her digital wallet. Using the program a person would be able to use cryptocurrency to finance holiday shopping or emergency purchases without selling it.

“We are also offering an unmatched service – P2P collateral crypto loans,” Nebeus cofounder Sergey Romanovsky said. Romanovsky believes that the potential market for such loans is huge.

Large Potential market for P2P Collateral Crypto Loans

“Over 70% of cryptocurrency owners could generate passive income with bitcoin loans while keeping their cryptosavings intact, as research shows,” Romanovsky noted.

Nebeus is also offering a potential moneymaking opportunity to those who want to their hand at blockchain lending. Its platform allows cryptocurrency owners to borrow money, and issue altcoin-based loans.

“For those willing to lend, our platform will provide opportunities to get significantly higher returns than in conventional banking, while providing the security of a loan return backed by collateral in cryptocurrency,” Romanovsky said.

Nebeus P2P Lending is Growing Fast

Nebeus reported that its’ P2P lending business is growing fast, at a rate of 300% a quarter. Over 20,000 borrowers have used Nebeus’s platform to get instant loans in Bitcoin.

Nebeus is a three year old London based company that started with a humble cryptocurrency wallet. It was able to launch its lending platform by raising $2 million from private sources.

Long-term plans are far more ambitious at Nebeus, the company hopes to raise $30 million from the initial cryptocurrency offering (ICO) for its NBTK Token. The NBTK token sale is scheduled for 30 November 2017.

That money will be used to create a blockchain-based financial services supermarket. The hope is that the supermarket will form the basis of the world’s leading cryptobank. Planned Nebeus cryptobank services; include debit cards linked to cryptocurrency accountants that can be used for ATM withdrawals and brick mortar purchases with fiat currency.

Nebeus also hopes to be able to create an ecosystem that will enable it to roll out new cryptocurrency-based financial services and products fast.

To find out more about Nebeus’ upcoming token sale, please visit:

About Nebeus

Nebeus provides instant loans in bitcoins, serves as a P2P exchange platform and features a user-friendly bitcoin wallet. The Nebeus trading system will allow users to buy and sell bitcoins with favourable exchange rates and will allow instant deposits into user accounts.

The Nebeus platform; was first developed in 2014 with the goal of delivering a convenient, low-cost and highly efficient service that meet the demands and challenges of the ever-evolving crypto-currency market. Nebeus is a Level 39 member and portfolio company.

Contacts: Max Smetannikov, Irina Nazarova, MVG for Nebeus, +1 646 205 7030,


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