The most disruptive cryptocurrency; and blockchain solution, around might be Golem (GNT). Even though Golem had a Coin Price of just 44¢ (€0.37) on December 22, 2017; it has the potential to unleash a scientific and technological upheaval greater than the computer revolution of the 1980s, or the internet boom of the 1990s.

The Golem Network can be ultra-disruptive because it is a global, open-sourced, decentralized supercomputer. If Golem’s plans succeed it will give everybody access to a supercomputer via the internet and the blockchain.

That’s big because supercomputers are what make technological advances including nuclear power, nuclear weapons, genetic engineering, and next-generation chemistry possible. That means garage inventors, research assistants, and terrorists would have access to more computing power than the superpowers did during the Cold War.

How Golem Would Disrupt Science

The Golem Network would disrupt science because access to computing power was one of the building blocks of the current scientific establishment.

Until just a few years ago a physicist that wanted to use a supercomputer for his or her research had to work at a large corporation, a university, a think tank or a government agency. The administrators at those institutions controlled access to the supercomputer and decided what science got done. Scientists they did not like; or ones who advanced hypotheses that threatened administrators’ pet theories, could easily be shut out.

If Golem works, any scientist can get access to a supercomputer by buying a laptop and internet access. That means a third-world nation that wants to build a nuclear bomb would only need to go Golem to get supercomputer access.

Golem can speed up everything

Other uses for Golem would be for greatly improved and speeded up machine learning. Businesses would be able to use Golem for big data analysis and stock market predictions.

A fascinating use for Golem would be to operate fully-decentralized cryptocurrency mining pools. In other words, everybody becomes a cryptocurrency miner and mine vast amounts of altcoins. It can also be used to design better cryptocurrencies with advanced mathematics.

A danger that Golem can create is unlimited mining of cryptocurrencies; like NEO and Ethereum, that lack a Total Supply. That might lead to inflation and very low Coin Prices because there would be too many coins on the market.

Golem users will also be able to create a wide variety of software and decentralized applications DApps or blockchain solutions. Those can be shared or sold through an application registry that is billed as an “App Store” on the Golem Network.

Investing in Supercomputing

Golem hopes to pay for its network through the GNT token which will be based on computer power. Any computer user will be able to rent out computing power via the Golem network and get paid in GNT.

If it works, Golem is potentially a huge money maker because there would be a vast market for supercomputing. Golem would also be an incredibly disruptive technology because it might put a supercomputer in everybody’s hands.

Since the disruption created by the first computer revolution, which put computers into almost everybody’s hands was incredible. The disruption unleashed by Golem would be far greater.

Golem (GNT) as an Investment

Golem (GNT) can be considered a potential value investment in cryptocurrencies; because it is cheap, but has a lot of potential value.

Golem had a Coin Price of 44¢ (€0.37) and a Market Capitalization (Market Cap) of $367.603 million (€310.17 million), Coinmarketcap reported on 22 December 2017. That gave the cryptocurrency a Market Volume of $16.07 million (€13.56 million) on a circulating supply of 834.262 million. This means there is a lot of market interest in Golem.

A big advantage to Golem is that there is a limit to the amount that can be created in the form of a Total Supply of one billion. Since interest in GNT is high, the potential for a high price is there. Golem might also be less vulnerable to inflation than altcoins like Ethereum.

Unlike some cryptocurrencies, Golem is associated with two potential sources of revenue. The first possible revenue stream is renting or selling supercomputer services to business and others, there might be a huge demand for that particularly in the developing world.

Artificial Intelligence and Supercomputing for the Masses

The second is the application registry which has the potential to generate the kind of revenue we see from Apple’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) App Store, and Alphabet’s (NASDAQ: GOOGL) Google Play.

A huge moneymaker would be an artificial intelligence (AI) or supercomputing solution for the masses. Examples of such a solution would be a stock-picking program, a handicapping program for sports betting, strategy advisors for videogames, a money-management AI, a fund management AI, an investment management AI, a writing AI, an editing AI, a personal assistant AI, a business-management AI, or a tax preparation AI.

An even more fascinating solution would be video games driven by AI or supercomputing. Or solutions that allow anybody to create their own videogames.

If you are looking for a speculative cryptocurrency that has a lot of potential value; Golem might be it. Golem has the potential to disrupt almost everything; if it works as advertised, and brings artificial intelligence and supercomputing to the masses.


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