According to recent research, 30% of companies say using custom apps have improved their internal processes. Also, 24% of companies report a boost in employee productivity due to this technology. As a business owner, you may have considered implementing new business technology to improve your organization’s efficiency.

You may think it’s too expensive or complicated to use the right technology. However, it all comes down to learning everything you can about the latest business technologies. Not sure what business tech you should consider?

We’ve got you covered. Here are the top 4 types of business technologies you should try today.

1. VoIP Phone Systems

Using great phone systems is vital to improving your communications and customer service. Today, business owners can use VoIP phone systems instead of traditional phone lines.

These systems will help you lower your phone utilities while streamlining your communications. Most VoIP providers offer easy video conferencing, text messaging and even softphones to help your team stay connected.

2. Computers and Tablets

Getting the best equipment for your business will make your team super-efficient. While it may cost a pretty penny, you should always try to buy the latest technology and update your desktop, laptops, and tablets. These tools will help your team complete everyday tasks efficiently.

If you’re unsure about which equipment to buy, you should consider consulting an expert. An IT consultant can provide insight into the best computers and tablets for your business.

3. Customer Relationship Management Software

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a great tool no matter the industry you serve. These systems help you maintain a list of your current customers and leads.

Having a CRM software will allow you to improve your current customer onboarding and qualification process. Some CRMs even come with integrated marketing tools that allow you to send emails and text messages to your customers.

4. Productivity Apps

Years ago, getting the latest software was the only way to improve your efficiency. Today, developers are launching apps every day to help businesses grow. You may think using several apps won’t boost your productivity.

However, you can consider using services such as this zapier alternative to sync your apps and streamline your processes. These tools will allow you to connect several apps and automate your operations.

Can You Find the Best Business Technology for Your Organization?

You can find the right business technology to take your business to the next level, but only if you do your research. The best technology will align with your goals and mission.

Harnessing the power of business technologies will come down to pinpointing the areas for improvement. How can you improve your processes? Where are you going wrong?

These questions can point you to what business technologies you should try. You should also consult your customers to learn how you can improve their experiences.

Taking an all-around approach will allow you to find the best technology to boost your organization’s efficiency. Don’t leave it for later and start taking your business to the next frontier by using the right technology today.

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