Design a routine that you think will work for you and test it out, then tweak it as needed.

Online learning is a great opportunity to access education that you might not have otherwise been able to due to distance or simply due to it being difficult to fit it in around a busy life! If you want to succeed at online learning and get the most out of it that you possibly can, there are a few things you should do.

Find the right institution

This one is a biggie! It’s important that you find an institution that has a proven track record of providing learning online. Online courses are quite different to courses in person, and just because an institution has a great reputation generally, doesn’t mean that their online offering will be the best one.

Excelsior College is dedicated to providing a range of accredited, high-quality online courses at and they have worked with over 182,000 students whose case studies you can view so that you can be sure that you will have the experience that you are hoping for. As an online institution, they also offer things that traditional institutions don’t, such as flexible start dates (most courses start every 8 weeks) and the option to transfer credit from a previous study.

Create a daily routine

Once you have found your course, it’s time to get into a daily study routine. Getting into a daily routine is the most effective way to stick to your study and achieve your goals.

 The best routines involve doing a little bit of your study each day, rather than trying to cram in lots in one go. Remember, you’re a human being, not a machine, and you won’t be able to work at your best over a long period of time – you need breaks!

A lot of people find it to ‘eat the frog first thing in the morning, which means to get any of your least favorite tasks out of the way first so they don’t loom over you all day. The middle of the day is a low energy period for a lot of people, so it can be good to use this time for more boring and humdrum tasks. Evenings are often great when used as a time to prepare for the following day.

Create a study space

It’s important to designate an area of your home as your study space as this will signal to your brain that when you go to this space, it’s work time. It also signals to people you live with that you are working, and therefore are not to be disturbed.

Follow up

If you don’t understand something in an online class, don’t be afraid to follow up and ask questions. Your teachers will appreciate your efforts and interest.


It’s worth taking the time to connect with your fellow students, as they can be a valuable source of support when studying is getting tough or when you just want to feel as though someone is in the same boat as you.


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If you don’t understand something in an online class, don’t be afraid to follow up and ask questions. Your teachers will appreciate your efforts and interest.



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