Nowadays, many companies encourage peer-to-peer recognition programmes to boost productivity, team morale, and employee engagement. Such programmes are the act of acknowledging other employees’ talent, contribution, and performance.

Once you host a proper reward & recognition programme for your employees, they feel appreciated and want to stay in your company for long.

Do you know how peer-to-peer recognition programmes work? Find it out in the points below:

Build a Skilled Team

 Choose skilled people and build a team to run the peer-to-peer recognition programme. Engage a few people who will be liable to implement, manage and conceptualize such a programme. Ensure they are knowledgeable about the programme benefits, positioned as team leaders, interested in the programme, and believe in your company’s ethics.

Recognize Employees Efforts Soon

Conduct a programme that allows your team to recognize their peers immediately after the latter’s good performance. If you recognize the same after months, they have a negative impression on you. Technology-based programmes are mobile friendly and thus help you to conduct them anytime.

Specify Recognition and Appreciation

 Be specific and logical when recognizing your employees and colleagues for their efforts. The more specific you are during the reward & recognition programme, the better will be the insight regarding their efficiency. In addition, ensure any recognition you give should reflect your company’s ethics, objectives, and values.

Organize Easily and Quickly

You need to organize peer-to-peer recognition in such a way that the entire programme seems easy and fast. If you make it complicated, the attendees will get bored. Ensure employees don’t need to get approval from managers to nominate peers. Everything should go on privately and smoothly.

Add Fun Elements

 Your programme should not be only about giving and receiving rewards but also fun and engaging. Add gamification elements such as badges, points, and give. Encourage employees to participate and redeem their reward points. They should enjoy your programme rather than only being present.

You can make the reward & recognition programme fun-filled by brainstorming ideas with your team members beforehand. Once you ideate for creative rewards, send surveys to employees and ask each of them to rank those options. Make them aware of the programme events, use them, their benefits, and encourage them to give their feedback.

Give Away Micro Bonuses

Micro Bonuses are less financial rewards that one employee gives to colleagues frequently in recognition of excellent performance. Managers can also give it to team members or even peers/executives.

Once an employee makes a valuable contribution, give micro bonuses. Real-time recognition makes them feel exceptional and leaves a long-term impact on their mind.

Assess the Programme Success

As a peer-to-peer recognition programme impacts various areas of your company, you should assess its success. Then, use the programme-related data to make other business decisions. Once you gather actionable data, improve it as and when required.

Bottom Line

It is pretty tricky to organize the perfect employee reward & recognition programme. However, if you appreciate your team members at the right time when they deliver exceptional performance, they feel special and tend to stay with you long.

Once you know how these peer-to-peer recognition programmes work, you can conduct them anytime.


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