Retailers are not just industry giants with millions of profit turnovers yearly, but even small kiosks at your local mall selling unique items. In the digital era, these businesses must deliver exceptional customer service to remain ahead of the competition.

Invariably, reliable and expert retail consultants and software experts like GOC Retail can help individual entrepreneurs and large companies efficiently manage everyday tasks, reducing errors to a minimum. With the industry constantly changing, these tools can be extremely useful in surviving and making the most of new challenges.

The following information outlines some fundamental aspects of these tools and why new businesses should consider investing in them.

Why it matters

Statistics show that almost 76 per cent of retail customers abandon their carts when they do not get the necessary assistance or guidance during shopping. Furthermore, experts indicate that folks often buy more than they need if provided the proper care, attention, and service.

Invariably, using software to integrate business processes can help professionals boost this experience for their clientele, quickly becoming industry experts via unmatched services.

Additionally, using these high-end technologies enables businesses to enjoy several benefits, such as automating inventory management, payroll, billing information, and pricing. It also empowers managers to remotely control warehouse shipments and online shopping, identify items out of stock, and raise tickets for missing or shortage of products. Ultimately, it helps employees interact with customers directly, boosting relationships of trust and loyalty.

Solution types

The most fantastic thing about these sophisticated solutions is that they can help various industries reach their goals quicker and more efficiently. For instance, it can aid fashion outlets in staying in the news via social media and reaching potential customers with the latest trends.

Similarly, it can help other trades like cosmetic companies and franchises have better visibility and scale new heights faster than usual. Here’s a list of fool-proof solutions that can help these industries and others.

  • Multi-store POS systems can help businesses witness vast lines of customers daily, helping employees quicken the point-of-sale process. It prevents companies from losing customers by eliminating slow billing and long waiting lines.
  • Unified commerce can help seamlessly integrate all critical aspects of a business like inventory management, customer data, pricing management, real-time reporting, etc. In short, it is an ergonomic architectural design that simplifies the entire business process.
  • ERP solutions, or Enterprise Resource Planning, can help entrepreneurs manage the entire business undertaking from concept to implementation. It can assist supply chain management, capital control, and product management.
  • DOM and OMS, acronyms for Distribution Order Management and Order Management Systems, help businesses enable customers to view products in stock, choose delivery dates and pickup options, and book out-of-stock items for future orders.

Finding the right vendor

Consider your budget, company needs, solution requirements, and similar details to find your business’s most suitable service provider. This way, you can gauge how the tools and technology will impact productivity and profitability in the future. Also, you should choose reputable and experienced vendors as they can give you ready-to-use solutions that reduce labour, errors, risks, and other hassles.

Moreover, look for an enterprise that can offer valuable consultancy services, helping your business pick up and expand effectively. So, remember to browse the list of renowned clients, services, and other details on their websites to determine authenticity and if they fit your needs best.


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