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Next Generation of TDWS Cloud Servers Unlocks Greater Performance for Demanding Workloads like Cassandra, Docker and Spark

Liechtenstein, 21, March 2016:

TD Web Services today announced the next generation of TDWS Cloud Servers powered by Apache CloudStack – Hybrid Visualization, single-tenant servers, Virtual Machines and Compute Nodes all of which are API-provisioned across multiple Geo-locations, thus providing near-instant scalability and elasticity anywhere within TD Web Services infrastructure. This next generation of TDWS Cloud Servers delivers innovative technology enabling it to provide unprecedented cloud performance. Both Microsoft and Linux workloads can now benefit from these next generation capabilities by capitalizing on the flexibility, performance, and security.

With this state of the art technology and the user friendly interface, administrators can implement their solutions quickly. TD Web Services infrastructure offers scalability and response times that meet or exceed those provided by the top three leaders. Support is provided by well experienced in-house engineers.

TDWS Cloud Servers are an ideal solution for customers looking to run workloads such as Cassandra, MongoDB, Docker, Spark and Windows that require intensive data processing, raw compute power and the ability to quickly scale and deploy. This offering gives customers speed, with the control, security and consistent performance comparable to dedicated hardware. TDWS Cloud Servers help increase efficiencies at scale, allowing customers to reduce the cost and complexity of their IT operations by consolidating workloads from many Dedicated Servers to a few TDWS Cloud Servers.

“The demands of modern cloud architecture and workloads like Dockers are pushing the industry to find performance anywhere it can,” said Richard Bach, Business Head for TD Web Services at Ti Dimensie AG. “Running core infrastructure on Virtual Environments like TDWS Cloud Servers is the closest thing we have to an assured advantage: lower latency and more requests served with no changes to the code and allowing you to have near instant scalability.”

TD Mercado, an eCommerce company, has significantly increased its online Store’s performance and reliability with TDWS Cloud Servers. The TD Web Services Virtual Environments offering has helped TD Mercado avoid performance limitations common with Dedicated Servers and utilize the increased consistency of a cloud environment powered by Apache CloudStack. According to TD Mercado, the TDWS Cloud Servers improved it’s query times by from 7.3 seconds to 0.7 seconds. It has been able to scale up and also create development environments with it’s own GIT Repository, thus reducing the downtime between updates.

The next generation of TDWS Cloud Servers delivers to customers the following benefits and new features:

Private and Secure Networking — TDWS Cloud Servers will integrate with Cloud Networks to provide enhanced levels of secure networking across all the TDWS Virtual Servers and devices within the customer’s environment.

Increased International Availability — TDWS Cloud Servers are available internationally, with regional coverage across the U.S. and U.K., decreasing latency for customers around the globe.

Improved Storage Capabilities — TDWS Cloud Servers are faster, higher capacity and more reliable. TD Web Services offers both Block Storage and Object Storage. TDWS Cloud Servers are now on 100% SSD RAID giving you improvements of 250 percent in read and write performance. The feature of RAID 10 mirrored storage with two hot-swappable disks to improve uptime and help to reduce the risk of lost data.

Hardware and Software Upgrades — Next generation TDWS Cloud Servers built on the latest Intel Xeon E5-2670 v3 processors. Additionally, the next generation of TDWS Cloud Servers offers an improved selection of guest images. TDWS Cloud Server also features a wide selection of 1 Single Click Templates to install all your Workload requirements, within less than 20sec.

“TD Web Services is curving it’s Market share of Cloud with unparalleled technical innovation and operational expertise. With the fastest deployment times in the industry and unmatched performance” said Richard Bach, Business Head, TD Web Services, at Ti Dimensie AG. “With the combination of new features and performance capabilities within the virtual environments of TD Web Services, it can be a solution for many customers seeking Apache CloudStack as the platform to run their most demanding workloads.”

To learn more about TDWS Cloud Servers, please visit:

About TD Web Services:
TD Web Services is a global provider of hosted IT infrastructure and Cloud computing from a growing number of data centers and network points of presence around the world. Our customers range from Web startups to global enterprises. Products and services include Business Hosting, bare metal and cloud servers, private cloud solutions, and more. Because when you host your business infrastructure with us, you get a lot more than just infrastructure. You get the capabilities of our state-of-art platform and team, complete with a thoughtful methodology for designing, deploying, and managing your infrastructure.

Media Contact:
Richard Bach,
Business Head, TD Web Services
+1 647 947 9546


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