How to build your own Start-Up future

Entrepreneur and business architect DI Mag. Upen Chokshi has filled a major need with a fascinating new book. The need is for a book that provides both an introduction to contemporary e-commerce for business people and an introduction to business basics for online entrepreneurs.

Many online entrepreneurs fail because they know little or nothing about business. Most e-commerce books fail to address this need because they contain a great deal of good information about marketing strategy and online resources, but say little or nothing about cash flow or accounting.

People who read such volumes learn all about SEO and social media, but they may know nothing about cash flow or the correct uses for venture capital. That is why even many very successful online businesses fail so miserably. An all too common example of this is an online marketer that has lots of cash flooding in, but no clue how to manage it.

At the same time many businesspeople that try to go online fail because they do not understand what they are doing. Too often highly professional businesses run by very experienced entrepreneurs make basic mistakes online and end up with amateurish websites that drive customers away.

To make matters worse, many merchants ignore new marketing opportunities that could generate significant amounts of cash, because they do not understand e-commerce or social media. Chokshi provides a great introduction to those concepts and to new technologies such as cloud hosting that can save businesses a lot of money.

Chokshi has created a solution for all three of these problems in the form of a comprehensive new book called How to Build Your Start-Up Future: Learn all the right tropes of Starting Your own Small Business. Despite the title, the book is actually a guide to the latest e-commerce resources for today’s entrepreneur.

A Comprehensive Resource

Chokshi outlines the basic process for setting up a small businesses and more importantly describes many of the basic mistakes that novice entrepreneurs make. This information is invaluable because it comes from a business professional that has “been there and done that.” Chokshi has organized and operated three successful companies on two continents and worked as a business consultant for years.

To add icing to the cake, Chokshi; who currently serves as Business Architect for TD Web Services; a full service hosting and e-commerce-solutions company, lists the e-commerce services available today. He provides full descriptions of a wide range of solutions ranging from cloud computing to WhatsApp to the internet of things.

Even e-commerce veterans will learn a great deal from these descriptions. You might even identify some new opportunities that your organization can take advantage of.

If you want to get involved in e-commerce, start your own business or improve your existing online efforts. You owe it to yourself to read this book which is now available from Amazon.


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