Social videos are viewed by millions of potential customers globally. No wonder, then, that every business would expect to market its brand via socially shareable videos. Marketable social videos come in many digital formats such as commercials, instructional videos, brand demonstration, etc.

Brand Functionality

Reaching out to the masses is the primary objective of every enterprise. You need to first bring your customers and partners closer to what your brand truly stands for. Revealing your brand’s functionality can build trust and confidence of a company.

  • The popular way to do this is by creating a video of your brand’s capabilities and publishing it on a website.
  • Next, proceed to link it with popular social media platforms so clients who are interested can share it to their social groups.

Entertainment and Humor to capture attention

Although, your brand and business are meant to be taken seriously, you can always delight your customers by posting entertaining tidbits from time to time. You can either decide to keep the video closer to the niche brand, adding a lighter tone of reference or you can choose to publish a funny video that is sure to get you a lot of views as well as attract customers to your brand.

  • The video content should not contain objectionable or controversial content; this can build a negative brand image.
  • Refrain from posting too many funny videos at a time, this will divert your brand image completely and your customers might not take you seriously.

Enable your videos to converse with the audience

Check out the trendy ‘5 tips from BuzzFeed for creating socially shareable video’ article, published by it talks about how a whopping 8 million users were attracted to a video that transformed regular women into fashion models. According to the article, the main reason was due to the ability of the video to converse with its viewers on the effects of Photoshop and how it can change the appearance of anyone.

  • Creating videos that can converse with your clients and consumers is beneficial for the brand’s popularity
  • Videos have the ability to showcase an emotional bond to the audience; adding elements of emotions to your commercials can greatly build up your brand image

Planning and Organizing Your Videos

Spend quality time in analyzing the content you decide to post, a well edited and brief video, can not only drive your video to be viral but also generate positive buzz about your products.

As reported in ‘Good Quality Content is Crucial for Social Media Video’, published by Maximize Social Business, quality production can bring in the right audience as well as target your brand as an intelligent enterprise to the masses.

Importance of Practicality

The key reason users share videos is for the rich content and to enrich people around them with information. Keeping this in mind, it’s crucial to develop content that can benefit others while promoting your brand.

A commercial or instructional video with the right message at the end can fantastically boost your social media popularity as well as your brand image.


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