Social media is the best platform for advertising. You can make an interesting post and earn millions of shares within seconds. The major focus of marketers is in devising a marketing strategy that focuses on providing content that can hold readers’ attention span and impress them to the extent of sharing it.

Another equally important but often ignored aspect of marketing online is tracking the progress. How many users have seen your posts? How many positive remarks were made and what is the change in exposure caused by the different strategies used, etc. Social media analytics are your go-to metrics when it comes to tracking the exposure and progress made with advertisements. Given below are some of the best analytics tools to help you stay ahead of the game.


A platform that is dedicated to analyzing the outreach and impact produced by various forms of advertisements on different social media platforms. 33Across lets you amplify the effectiveness of your advertisements by permitting localization of content based on intensity of reaction received and tracks the degree of sharing created content as well. It is a useful tool for both businesses and customers to calculate the shifting trends of consumption and increases the revenue of marketers.


Brandwatch is the perfect partner for international corporations that expand beyond borders. It supports twenty-five different languages making it a global product worth trying. This cutting edge analytics tool watches all of the conversations that happen online and has built its reputation on some solid algorithms that have yielded impressive results for several users.

They filter out spam to ensure that only actual conversations are tracked. Brandwatch is believed to be backed by more than seventy million data sources that are exploited by other social media management companies like Hootsuite.


HootSuite is one of the most popular analytics tools out there – a well-earned position in fact. They offer a single dashboard that permits you to manage all the social media profiles of a company on platforms including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and many more. Apart from analyzing and calculating the effective and reach of your advertisement, Hootsuite allows users to schedule posts and tracks responses.


Crowdbooster is an analytics tool exclusively for Twitter and Facebook pages where most of the action takes place anyway. It provides a customizable dashboard that shows their most loyal followers, ideal post publishing time, among other useful statistics. A thirty day trial period is long enough to impress users with their swift and timely analytic results.

Google Analytics

With all the social media frenzy and analytics going on, Google Analytics brings some stability and confidence to the way you measure your social media campaigns. It does all the important tasks of an analyzer for you. The ‘Activity Stream’ is a notable feature of Google analytics where a real time display of how users communicate on various social media sites is shown.

The social reports provided also permit users to determine the value of communications to distinguish between spam and actual conversations.


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