It seems Microsoft is going to be hosting a special event for hardware late this October to show off their latest gadgets, and a new Surface AIO (All-in-One) PC which is reportedly going to be headlining this event.

Rumors of the upcoming PC which will run on Windows 10 have already been making rounds for a while now, but details about this PC are pretty scarce at the moment. There isn’t too much information available right now on the Internet either. But it does appear as if the unveiling of this device is drawing closer.


ZDnet recently learned that there was a Surface device with the codename Cardinal which is going to be released late in October. They believe this is going to be the new AIO PC. Earlier reports have shown that Microsoft is working on the new AIO models with varying screen sizes, 21, 24, and 27-inch. It is still unclear though whether they are going to be launching all three of these models together.

The report from ZDnet also says that the Cardinal Surface might just end up being the consumer focused variant of the high-end Surface tablet from Microsoft. It also says it may use the Perceptive Pixel display technology from this tablet.

Since the Surface Book 2 and Surface Pro 5 aren’t expected till Spring 2017, the Surface AIO may just end up being the star of the hardware event this Fall.

Apple vs. Microsoft

This just appears to bolster the earlier rumors about the Surface AIO. Microsoft had earlier filed for a patent for this AIO PC in July 2015 and received it this year in February. They detailed a modular computing device.

Microsoft is being tight lipped right now and offers no details at all as far as what they are going to be offering at their event next month. This leaves everything shrouded in mystery right now with absolutely no speculation to go by either. With leaks that are intensifying gradually and small pieces of information continuing to surface with regard to the Surface AIO, the probability of this device launching before the end of the year is becoming stronger.

If Microsoft does choose to release an AIO PC running on Windows 10, it is most probably going to target all of the high-end iMacs by Apple. Microsoft has been gunning for Apple for a while now and comparing their Surface devices with the likes of Apple’s hardware. Recently, they released an ad for the Surface Pro 4 which mocked the MacBook Air, saying the device isn’t very useful and compared it to a hat for cats.

Microsoft has also not held up the US government in their pursuit in fighting terrorism like Apple has. Apple does not seem to take the war against terror seriously. Microsoft has the advantage here. Both companies though seem to support candidates that are beholden to political correctness which is only putting the world and America more at risk.


If the Cardinal does turn out to be the powerful Surface AIO we are all expecting, it is going to be really interesting to see how the competition in this space heats up.

But, with no formal confirmation yet from Microsoft, it is best if readers don’t take these reports for the absolute truth. Who knows what Microsoft may come up with by the time the end of October is upon us.


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