Are you still on the fence regarding the best cloud-based management system? Are you undecided because you’ve heard they are unreliable and expensive? You need to get a new computer system to use it. Why should you use it if you just have a single office?

Truth be told, cloud-based orthodontic management is pretty much the same as server-based from the perspective of the user while adding a number of features which can build your practice.

First, let’s get the negative out of the way. One of the main criticisms of starting cloud-based systems is, you need to get a new computer system or upgrade your existing system. This is a reality. But it’s worth it.

Is it ransomware safe?

Here’s one of the biggest benefits of a cloud-based system, they are less susceptible to ransomware. Almost all cloud-based systems have databases. This is home to their financials and schedules. As the program’s heart, it is always active which keeps it safe. You can only encrypt files which are at rest or stationary. So, currently, ransomware will not be able to destroy your database.

This doesn’t mean all programs are safe, though. There will be a number of JPG and PDF files on your cloud-based programs which are common targets for ransomware.

This is why it is important to have a backup strategy. This is where cloud-based companies do a much better job of relying on their own backup plan for protecting their server-based management programs.


The counterargument here is that you will need to replace computer systems regularly. The hidden benefit in this is with cloud-based management; you do not need servers or any type of backups. All units become workstations, and this will reduce your costs. One more tip here is while upgrading your systems; you should use IT companies that specialize in handling companies from your industry.

One more criticism about the cloud is its reliance on the Internet. If it goes down, your office will stop functioning. If you have server-based systems, you could run your office from at least a single computer. This is valid, but shouldn’t be a deal breaker. One simple solution would be to have a hotspot handy just in case.

A third criticism is that there is a difference in the way programs operate when they are cloud based. This is a misconception. Programs are designed so you can’t tell the difference between cloud and server. The transition is seamless. To improve speeds, you could consider reducing the size of photographic images. This will speed up download/upload times.

Whether you have just one office, or multiple, the cloud is the perfect answer. You will even be able to share licenses between computers as long as you do not try using both at the same time.


The benefits of cloud computing clearly outweigh the additional cost even if you just have a single office. Even though you will have to upgrade your system and spend some money on a mobile hotspot, backup and servers will be eliminated. Most importantly, you will be able to build up your practice and allow staff members to work from anywhere on the planet. Now that is cool!


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