PagerDuty is the worldwide leader when it comes to modern management of incidents. Today, they announced that they were recognized for their cultural excellent and technology with a couple of accolades from the cloud computing industry. They have been named one of the top ten private cloud computing organizations to work at as well as in the Forbes Cloud 100, a list of the hundred best private cloud companies around the world.

Exceptional Company Culture

They were recently rated among the top ten organizations on Glassdoor and Battery Ventures’ first-ever list of the best rated private cloud companies to work at. This list recognized companies which had the best employee satisfaction ratings as per feedback that was shared by them on Glassdoor.

With the help of this list, you will get a private look into cloud companies that are generating maximum excitement as far as their employees are concerned. This is a vital aspect when it comes to the health of a company. It is also a part of the larger business trends that are seen today surrounding the transparency of the Internet.

This recognition is very meaningful particularly because the company does not only take pride in offering the best tech solutions in the world and having a commitment to its customers, but also has a culture which helps get out the passion that is required by employees to make this a reality. Every employee has a role to play when it comes to building culture.

Everyone needs to have an ingrained sense of shared stewardship for the culture of a company. They need to have a personal commitment to making the company a striking and an inclusive place for people to work. There is nothing more important than being recognized for doing this.

Cutting Edge Technology Leading Digital Transformation

As organizations are gearing up in an effort to remain relevant, customer-centric, and competitive in today’s world of digital disruption, they’re looking for technology partners like PagerDuty who can help them solve any unfamiliar problems while delivering delightful experiences and finding new areas for growth.

PagerDuty is among the quickest growing SaaS companies throughout the world and has become one of the main enablers of the digital transformation in the case of more than 7,700 organizations. The company even announced a YoY revenue increase of 95 percent recently from enterprise businesses as well as a 90 percent increase in overall growth.

These awards have a lot of meaning as far as the commitment of PagerDuty for cloud computing excellence is concerned from the point of view of both culture and technology.

About the Company

They are an incident management platform which integrates with DevOps and IT Ops in order to improve the agility and operational reliability of an organization. From aggregating and enriching events to converting them into actionable alerts, they streamline the lifecycle of incident management and reduce noise as well as resolution times. 


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