The world of sharing through social media just got a whole lot bigger and better with the introduction of Facebook Share. Unlike many sharing platforms, Facebook sharing connects your business to a massive viewer base around the globe in a matter of minutes.

The Infamous Like and Share Buttons

When your post an article or post relating to your brand, the viewers not only have the option to comment on it but also appreciate the article by clicking the ‘Like’ button below the article. If the viewers want to share the article to their social network, they can go ahead and click the ‘Share’ button under the article and proceed to type in a message and share it.

  • By this, your brand gets around much faster than any other form of advertising due to the sheer amount of social networking power of the Facebook community
  • Building a solid social network of users has never been easier than to have your viewers like and share your brand page

Marketing via Facebook Notes

A new feature that has gained a lot of attention is ‘Facebook Notes’, with this cool new feature you can drive your incoming traffic back to your website by linking notes with a related blog post or article on Facebook. Facebook Notes are primarily used to showcase relevant information such as company updates, upcoming changes to a product, detailed analysis of a particular statistic, etc.

  • Facebook Notes are shared to all your networks via Newsfeed and Notifications.
  • Your followers will be able to share your notes to their social circle directly from the newsfeed.

Utilizing the Quote Plugin

Let’s say a user enjoyed a specific piece of information from your business article, the Facebook Quote plugin enables the user to share that particular phase by selecting the related area and sharing it directly on his page. As reported on the developer’s page of Facebook, sharing is possible via smartphones, and tablet devices as well.

  • The devices supported by the plugin are iOS, Android, and Mobile Web via Share Dialog
  • A user doesn’t necessarily have to be logged in to Facebook nor have any special permissions to use the Quote plugin

The Convenient Save Link Option

Often times, when a user is in a hurry, he might not have all the time in the world to read your article and may decide to read it later at their convenience. This is where the Save option comes into play, the user can click on the ‘Save link’ button to bookmark your article or blog to read at a later time. The feature also notifies the user and reminds them of the article, occasionally.

Discreet Sharing via Facebook Messenger

There are times when you want to share your web pages with someone in private; Facebook Messenger allows you to send your article link to the selected people chosen by you. This nifty feature allows more control over your content and sharing properties. For a full detailed manual on how to use it, an instructional guide can be found on the Messenger’s developer page.


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