Do you have trouble determining your Return on Investment (ROI) when it comes to social media marketing? Which of your campaigns are proving to be the most profitable? Here are five tools which can help you measure your social media success:


This analytics platform has been designed to help you optimize your marketing success and return on investment. It allows you to track individuals, groups, and users on the whole. First, visitors are tracked anonymously. It also tracks subsequent visits and even conversions once they leave the site and return again.

You can choose to create groups based on visitor’s actions and evaluate their behavior. Its best feature is that it tracks users when they leave and return for the second time. ROI can be tracked on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media sites too.

Customer Lifetime Value Calculator

While there are a lot of social media campaigns which prioritize sales or engagement, social media is mostly used for connecting with audiences and getting new leads. If this is your goal, it’s good to know your customers approximate lifetime value. Customer lifetime value calculator can be used to not only find out what new leads cost but also whether they are worth it.

RJ Metrics’ Cloud BI

If you want an in-depth analysis of your customer’s lifetime value, this is the perfect tool for you. It doesn’t just calculate CLV automatically but even breaks it down to show the different social channels which sent the customers your way.

RJ Metrics offers wonderful features such as churn analysis which offers an insight into customer behavior and analysis on marketing ROI, which pertains to the cost of customer acquisition. It can help you determine customer behavior, CLV, and ROI.


This all-in-one reporting tool provides a lot of information on the sharing of your content across different social media platforms.

There are widgets which can be used for creating customized dashboards to analyze Facebook ads, Shopify orders, Twitter engagement, Google Analytics, etc. The widget categories include email tracking, blogging, advertising, social media, etc.

There are many widgets which provide a lot of information that can be added to your dashboard, so that all the information is in the same place. It features social tracking, analytics reporting, detailed ROI, etc. For example, if you run contests, you can track hashtags to see the reach and participation from users.

Google Analytics

This tool lets you see where the traffic is coming from and how users interact with your website. It includes visitors through social media too. Responses can be tracked for various social media campaigns to find the most successful ones. In the social media section, you can also find out how much traffic comes directly from social media sites.

To get a complete view of social ROI, you can use Social Analytics to set goals and measure the value of social referrals to your website. You can set goals which measure actions too. In addition, you can track conversions measuring the complete buying cycle. As an additional bonus, it is free and very simple to setup.


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