Neurosurgeons diagnose, assess and perform surgery to treat disorders of the nervous system. They operate on parts of the central nervous system such as brain and spinal cord and the peripheral nervous system which can involve any area of the body. It is a highly specialized branch of medical science which requires extensive study and absolute mastery of the skill since neurosurgeries are one of the most complicated and delicate procedures in the medicinal world. Minimally-invasive procedures using surgical microscopes and endoscopes are growing, which attain comparable or better results than open surgery. Mastering the developing technology in this field calls for patience and a willingness to keep learning to stay relevant in this profession.

Average salary

The average salary for a brain surgeon is around Rupees 2.8 million per annum in India, while the while an average Brain Surgeon Salary Australia is $292,100 per annum. It’s one of the highest paying scientific professions in the world, but income can drastically vary depending on how often you come across a patient requiring neurosurgery. Hence, increasing your reach and be known is essential for a neurosurgeon.

Potent ways to increase your reach

Though you might be fantastic at your profession, you might still not be earning well enough as you should be. Probably you aren’t as popular as some of the others in the business, i.e., maybe not many people know about you. It could be a considerable factor hindering your economic growth while you continue to improve your skills.

Social media, today, is a potent tool to reach to people who might need your services. An occasional Facebook, Instagram or Twitter post isn’t good enough for this. You need to contact the masses and not just the odd 1000 people on your friend list.

Facebook and YouTube is the way to go

Using Facebook or Instagram ads is one effective way to do that. It will help you reach to people in your locality and also allow you to show the ads to potential patients based on their activities.

Advertising on YouTube can turn out to be useful as well since today the patients are consuming digital content and videos more than ever before. You can direct it to potential patients and people near your locality. Also, YouTube has a higher brand recall than TV advertisements.

Keep Track of your ROI

Just placing your ads isn’t enough. You need to check which of these is providing you with better returns and then stick to it the most. Using a useful ROI tool or software is essential to it since asking your patient about how did he/she came to know about you is not a good idea when he/she is there for treatment. Also, if it’s possible, patients can tend to give a more generalized answer such as ‘online’ to describe how they came across your service.

Hence, getting your ads floating across social media and keeping a record of it can help you massively enhance your earnings as a neurosurgeon.



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