You feel elated when you meet someone, and they tell you, “I like your smile”- right? This does not come automatically; you must have some care procedures in place to attain high oral hygienic standards and maintain it. Due to the foods we eat, and the drinks we take, sometimes, it becomes impossible to keep strong and healthy teeth, and some of the results we see are toothaches due to cavities, which sometimes would require fillings, and in the worst cases, extractions. Following are some of the dental care procedures.

Repairs and fillings

Cavities occur due to lack of proper maintenance of the oral health and poor feeding. Ideally, your teeth must be cleaned after every, and this is challenging for most people. Due to the lifestyle of many people, it sometimes becomes difficult to observe this necessary dental procedure. Therefore, cavities grow and lead to holes in the teeth. Here, the teeth could be broken, and cleaning correctly repairs these and replacing some parts of the enamel.

Where there are holes, a filling is done using some enamel-friendly stuff prepared at the lab. The dentists will use several procedures to determine the extent of the damage using detecting dye, x-rays, and laser fluorescence detection aids.

Composite fillings made from tooth-colored resin are used to do the filling. These are made and when worn will almost feel friendly to your teeth. The dentist will advise on the best for your teeth.

Root Canals treatment- Endodontics

This is the removal of a thread like tissue in the center of the tooth called tooth pulp. Upon removal of the pulp, space is cleaned, shaped and filled. This part of the tooth contains veins, arteries, and some sensitive tissues and when exposed, the tooth will begin to ache. This is procedure is primarily meant to seal the root canal. It is advisable for one to see the dentist immediately you notice an injury on your tooth.

Use of dental crowns

These are often referred to as caps, which are usually fixed over the damaged tooth. They are commonly made from porcelain or a mix of materials in the lab. They are used to cover severely damaged and chipped teeth, and this holds the dental bridges in place.

Braces and spacers

Sometimes, there could be the wrong alignment of your teeth and sometimes bite related problems. Braces straighten the teeth by excreting pressure on them. It is possible for one to lose teeth either by accident or through extraction. It is likely that other teeth would want to grow and overgrow toward space and this could bring challenges in biting and even cleaning the teeth. Here, spacers for braces are essential to create a space for bracers to fit. They maintain the correct position of the teeth and restrain new ones (for the children) from growing in the incorrect space.

Just like the whole body health, oral health is vital, and therefore appropriate procedures need to be observed for healthy strong teeth. Cavities and other dental anomalies can be very discomforting, and consequently, it is recommended that you consult with the dentist early enough so that preventive or curative measures can be administered.


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