Everyone knows that medical marijuana has a wide range of health benefits. Despite the advancements that society has made in legalizing marijuana, a lot of negative stigma surrounds people who partake in it, whether they do so recreationally or medically.

However, many people are not aware of the fact that cannabis can be an effective tool when it comes to productivity and overall quality of work. With it, you can access the more creative parts of your imagination as well as clear away any clutter in your mind and help you to focus.

Here is a look at how marijuana benefits your body and helps improve productivity.

Reduces Distractions

After you take a few rips, it is easy to get lost in a book or TV show, but it is also just as easy to get lost in your work or even a time-consuming project. With cannabis, you can use real time to complete tasks that you need to do, especially if you listen to music with headphones – this will help you get pumped up for the job at hand.

Improves Sleep

Taking care of your body so that you can handle all the things you have on your plate is as important as being able to focus in the moment.

People with demanding jobs or those who juggle multiple projects are more susceptible to insomnia, or having difficulty getting proper sleep. It has been found that cannabis can reduce symptoms of insomnia and, thereby, improve sleep. A regular, wholesome sleep schedule plays a critical role in helping you to stay on track and improve your productivity throughout the day.

Relaxes without Debilitating

If you feel like you have too much work or just need to take a step back from your project, cannabis is more helpful than alcohol to help relax your mind while you still get some work done. When most individuals take alcohol, their reasoning and judgment often get impaired after a couple of drinks, but with those who smoke cannabis, such symptoms are not usually reported.

Encourages Eating

Like you need to make sure that your body gets adequate sleep, you need to make sure that it also gets enough food so that you can get through your work. Work can keep you from getting some food. But when you smoke cannabis, you get the munchies which is actually quite helpful. It is critical that you take a step back from your work and relax, eating some good food. If you do not feed your body, you will not have the strength or focus to get your job done.

Enhances Overall Creativity

Without a doubt, one of the best benefits of marijuana is the improved sense of creativity it induces. With cannabis, you can open doors in your mind that may never have been considered while in a sober state. It also allows you think of solutions to problems in a unique way that you would not have thought of if you are sober.

Even if it is not while you are directly performing your task, cannabis gives your mind the ability to work on issues even if they are not in front of you. It relaxes your mind which then could improve the likelihood of finding a solution in a timely manner.

How Marijuana Works to Affect Productivity

There is a direct connection between increased productivity and dopamine levels in the brain. Although dopamine is commonly linked to feelings of reward or pleasure, it also works as a motivator. When there is an increase in the brain’s dopamine levels, the desire or need to get things done increases as well. Therefore, with an increased dopamine flow, your motivation to stay focused is boosted and so is your need or want to take on bigger tasks in the future.

Like other drugs, marijuana causes the brain to release dopamine, which then helps increase your focus and motivation. If you pick the right kind of cannabis, it can play a role in how productive you are. Sativa is the marijuana strain you should pick if your goal is to be more productive. It helps in keeping your mind working, your motivation steady, and your energy high.

So the next time you feel stuck in a rut at work, blaze one up and get your mind and body pumped up to improve your productivity and gain all its rewards.

  1. Richard Bach 7 years ago

    One important factor that is being left out in this discussion is called “situated learning” and it implies that the answer of whether cannabis can help productivity is not so simple as yes or no but rather more nuanced.
    Situated learning is a very well known phenomena in which is has been observed that certain cues in the environment can dramatically effect a person’s ability to access and make use of learned behaviors. The gist of it is that if you want to perform well at a learned task you should try as much as possible to make the learning environment match the performance environment. It doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with chemicals as such, it could just as easily be the color of the paint in the room or some such trivial environmental difference.
    So what that means for cannabis or any sort of substance that alters ones perceptions or emotional state is that if you’ve learned a certain skill without that additional stimulus you might find yourself distracted when you try it with the addition of that stimulus.
    However, the inverse is also true. If you become accustomed to a certain skill such as using foreign tongue only when you’re high you might find that the words don’t come to you when you’re not using it. Is that evidence that not using cannabis reduces productivity? No, of course that’s not what it means. It means that it’s not so simple as yes or no.
    I, for instance, love to build electronic circuits when I’m high. For someone who doesn’t understand or have any familiarity with electronics it might seem like cannabis would wreck the ability to do something so characteristically “left brained” but that’s not really how it works.
    Because of the effects of situated learning a person who has experience in a skill within a certain context such as having just had a rip off a bong will find that it not only helps but seems necessary to getting things done effectively. Without factoring in situated learning it’s useless to just say that cannabis does or does not affect productivity.

  2. GKN Life 7 years ago

    Good article. Marijuana issue have become very famous these days. A final decision is yet to come in many cities for its legalization. Due to its health benefits it is being legalized in many cities.

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