The Mazda CX-9 is a 7-seater vehicle that pushes the boundaries of style and substance. The innovation and versatility of the CX-9 is what makes it a unique, stand-out vehicle amongst its competitors.

Underneath the sporty and sleek skin is great value that matches the purchase decision of rational criteria. Factors such as the exterior and interior style along with the technological features, fuel economy, and dynamic power/acceleration of the CX-9 make it an excellent option that is a fit for many lifestyles.

Exterior Style

The exterior style of the Mazda CX-9 is very rich and refined. Being a Japanese manufacturer with arguably one of the most innovative creations, the CX-9 draws inspiration from European vehicles.

One can argue that the Mazda’s elegant and eye-catching style is what sets it apart from other compact SUVs. The muscular beauty is defined by the front grills that create the emotion of luxury; the wide wheel base and stance hones in on the exterior athleticism. This vehicle’s long, low nose and front windshield still sets this piece apart from other sport transports.

The sharp design concept is comparable to a BMW, but at a non-luxury price, offering a sleek yet subtle comparison, but with a sporty elegance.

Driving through city parking spaces and structures is easier with the CX-9 because of its ability to drive in smaller spaces while still being one of the larger vehicles in its class. If you’re in the search of a Mazda for sale, check out this compact crossover at your local dealership.

Interior Style

The interior style is solid with everything ergonomically placed. Besides the base model, the Mazda CX-9 comes with leather upholstery with rosewood around the trim doors. The interior may initially seem small, but is quite roomy compared to its rivals. The soft materials and easy to use controls that power the Mazda CX-9 still live up to the Mazda distinctive appearance.

The seats are comfortable and the rear seating can be adjusted forward; this allows more space to pack the trunk or more comfortably sit someone who is taller and requires additional leg room.

The cargo space is 14 cubic feet, but can increase to 38 cubic feet with the third row folded down. Both rows folded flat is a total of 71 extra cubic feet to haul golf clubs for a day on the green, ski equipment during a weekend at the mountain, or your kid’s latest school art project.

Noise is a minimum as the interior padding smooths out the light-weight that accompanies SkyActiv powertrain vehicles. With 53 pounds of sound deadening under the carpet, and a windshield and front window that are laminated acoustically, the CX-9 limits noise up to four decibels more than its previous model making for a more quiet and peaceful ride.

The interior luxury continues with a leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob and there is a touch screen in the middle of the dashboard, which you can easily control with a knob behind the shifter if the touchscreen is too far away to use efficiently and safely.

Technological Features

There are certain standardized technology updates on the CX-9 that create a safety-conscious, drive assisting system. Smart City Brake Support and Blind Spot Monitoring are basics that come with the CX-9. Sensitivity can be adjusted and the system can be shut off if you find it’s too sensitive.

Most importantly, the CX-9 also has excellent reviews and safety scores with the Insurance Institute of HIghway Safety, which makes it a perfect vehicle for those looking for both safety, reliability, and style.

Fuel Economy

If you find the CX-9 is your next car, you can expect good fuel economy with it getting up to 22 miles per gallon in the city and up to 28 mpg on the highway. To reduce combustion temperatures and boost real world fuel economy, Mazda fits a cooling system to the exhaust gas recirculation system to reduce combustion temperatures. This leads to an overall better ride and less time at the pump for you.

Dynamic Power

Per usual with Mazda vehicles, the Skyactiv power engine keeps Mazda on top of its competitors. The CX-9 Skyactiv-Drive six speed automatic engine is also powered with a 2.5 liter turbocharged lined a four cylinder engine and a 250 horsepower/310 pound feet of torque. This can swiftly crank your vehicle up to the needed speed then just as easily switch to remain effortlessly at your desired pace.

The vehicle can get up and down mountains easily with friendly handling and driving dynamics. It’s agility makes it a fun and easy drive on winding roads. However, towing capacity is limited to 3500 pounds, compared to its competitors at up to 5000 pounds.

Turning corners with the CX-9 is smooth and seamless. The G-vectoring control, which comes standard on the CX-9, reduces the torque during a turn to shift the weight to the front tires to improve the vehicle’s response thus increasing the cornering force. Full power comes to force when the wheels unwind and the car is moving forward straight once again. Immediately afterwards, the wheels transfer weight to bring the vehicle back to stability. A fancy way to say that turning has never been an easier task.

The Mazda CX-9 doesn’t occupy much space on the road and can make even routine errands feel fun. From the vehicle’s sleek and sporty style matched with the powerful handling and dynamics, this seven seater compact SUV is a precise crossover that is attractive, energetic, and perfect for hauling around one person as well as growing families families.

A Mazda for sale is always worth looking into as it brings value in both style and substance.

But if you’re looking for the ideal SUV crossover, then look no further than the Mazda CX-9 as you’ll find great substance and style at a great price.


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