As human beings living in this generation we often find we have a lot of things on our plate and on our minds. For the average person the everyday to-do-list is endless. We plan, organize, schedule and by the end of the day we still wish we had more time to finish the tasks we needed done.

In this routine in our daily lives we can barely find time to finish the tasks at hand let alone allocate time for ourselves. The harder we try the more difficult it seems. Yet we crave the ‘me time’ that time to just relax alone and enjoy our own company. We also require time with our family and friends because we are not islands.

We know we require this time because it helps us rejuvenate and de-stress to find our inner peace, heal and simply renew ourselves. While taking a vacation once a year is a good thing, waiting eleven months for a three week vacation could take its toll. We need those 15 minutes in a day to just chill.  Those 15 minutes where we only focus on ourselves without feeling guilty. That little time where we can do something we actually enjoy.

Women often tend to be the ones in need of this time as they are the ones that are the givers however there are men who also feel the same way. The kind that get so caught up in making a living for their family that they forget themselves or feel selfish when they break away from work to have time to themselves.

In this routine where we give attention to everyone but ourselves we can find ourselves feeling overwhelmed and quite often frustrated. We may even lose sight of what is important to us as a result of being out of balance.

So what exactly is ‘me time’?  ‘Me’ time is simply the time you take to do something you enjoy and relaxes you. It could be a hobby that you enjoy such as cooking, painting, reading, knitting, playing sports, yoga or even exercise provided it is to help you relax and unwind. An activity that is done purely for the joy of doing it. That is what me time is. In our daily lives we should schedule me time activities. So how do we make it a reality?

  1. Acknowledge we deserve me time. We need to see that we deserve time to ourselves. We need to realize that in the long run it is good for everyone. When stressed out, tired, overwhelmed we find it hard to give the best we can but we will definitely accomplish so much more when we are relaxed. Think of me time as a necessity and stop feeling guilty for taking time to relax.
  2. Decide how to best spend your ‘me’ time. We are different individuals with different personalities. While some people would enjoy a certain activity to feel relaxed others would not. For instance exercise; for someone it would be a way to stay fit and stay healthy but they don’t really find it relaxing. While for another person it would be the ultimate form of relaxation and they would enjoy it. So take time and decide what you would do that would make you really feel rejuvenated relaxed and happy then allocate time for it in your schedule. An hour, a day, half a day or even simply 30 minutes.
  3. Assess and evaluate what wastes your time in your everyday routine. Take a little time to see what wastes your time during the day. Do you spend time constantly checking your emails or answering personal phone calls during the day or running errands at the last minute because you forgot to plan for them. Once you evaluate what it is that consumes your time then you can plan for it. For instance allocate time for checking emails during the day maybe at nine in the morning, then maybe three in the afternoon then later on like eight at night. And maybe take personal calls when stuck in traffic. When you allocate such activities you will find you have extra time during the day to make time for yourself.
  4. Learn to say NO. When confronted with a request that you don’t feel you can handle or you don’t really want to do, then it is ok to say no. Especially if it doesn’t bring you satisfaction.
  5. Ask for assistance; when it comes to chores and tasks that can be delegated or you can get help with then by all means accept the help.
  6. Schedule me time. at the beginning of the week schedule some me time whether daily or weekly maybe a few minutes or an hour daily or an afternoon off in the week then do it. Treat your personal time with utmost importance and make it non-negotiable.
  7. Commit to it and make it a daily ritual. With the time allocated, do something that allows you to let go of other responsibilities and releases the mind and letting you relax. Whether it is taking a walk or listening to music. Do something that you enjoy and can look forward to doing.

Don’t let your lack of time be an excuse for self-neglect. Take time to take care of yourself make yourself a priority. It will mean the world to your general health and happiness.


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