It was once just a childhood thing you used to enjoy and, like any hobby, it slowly grew to be a significant part of your life, with friendships growing around your gaming excursions.

The ultimate goal of those with a penchant for gaming is oftentimes to be able to make enough money out of their hobby to quit their job and pursue a life of gaming fandom and dedication. This article looks at the various methods that gamers regularly use to get to that hallowed ground where they’re able to play throughout the day.


If you’re a good communicator, it might be worth trying your hand at games journalism. This can be either in the written form or, far more likely, in the vlogging form.

The latter works far better in the sense that you’ll be more engaging when speaking, gesticulating and playing the game for your viewers’ pleasure. As a gamer yourself, you’ll no doubt be familiar with the YouTube stars who currently run the show with regards to games journalism and reviews. There’s nothing stopping you from giving it a go – you just need to engage and entertain, while informing about the games you play, too.


Then there are the people who are so good that they’re able to go professional.

If you’re a certain type of gamer, you’ll be familiar with the best players in your favorite discipline, and you’ll know that some players can net over $1m by winning certain tournaments.

It’s big business, but it’s also fiercely competitive. If you believe you’re at the right kind of standard, ensure you’re working to climb the online tables and compete in tournaments to make a name for yourself. If you manage to qualify for a tournament with a big cash prize, you’ll be in with a shot at the big time.


If you game enough, you should consider high-quality recording your gaming stints. By capturing all your most skillful and impressive stunts in-play, you’ll be able to cut together a popular YouTube video that’ll certainly gain a lot of attention. You’ll then be able to reap the benefits of being a YouTube earner for the rest of your gaming days – you just need to make it with one good video that showcases your skills and your unique way of playing – be that on Fortnite or FIFA.


Finally, a nice little earner for those who’re not quite at the level of YouTube stardom or professional gaming is to place nominal bets on your gaming meetings, through a website that, for instance, will help you gamble on rocket league online.

By organizing these ‘duels’ you’ll be asserting your bravado in your expectation to win, and you’ll be putting little amounts of cash on your performance. If you’re good enough, or if you bet wisely, you can turn out quite a bit of cash while at the same time increasing the intensity and excitement of your gaming experience.

If you’re considering making your gaming hobby into something that earns you a living, this is the guide for you: just concentrate on improving and creating ways to make money out of your skills.


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