In today’s society, media plays a great role in influencing how we view what is attractive and what is not. A lot of the models we see on most runways are a little too slender and a lot of them do suffer from eating disorders to achieve such body types. However in recent times we have noticed the media now embracing curvier body types with some of the world’s influential women taking it on.


People like Beyoncé Knowles, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose just to mention a few have curves and are not planning on losing them any time soon. It is because of such women that women around the globe are learning to love their curves and they are not afraid to flaunt it.


So what to do if you once had curves and you no longer do or you just desire to be more curvaceous? By curves I am referring to a more womanly figure; more ample breasts, hips, and/or a plumper posterior. A lot can be done to enhance the way you look it is however necessary to have realistic expectation on how you want to look.


Prior to taking steps to add curves by gaining weight it is important to evaluate your immediate weight by using a Body Mass Index (BMI). A BMI is height versus weight ratio, a value between 18.5 and 24.9 is ideal. A value less than 18.5 would mean you are under weight and a value exceeding 24.9 would mean you are overweight.

Get Toned

While the objective is to get curves, one may find that exercise will achieve the exact opposite of this. That assumption is not true. The idea behind exercising is to eliminate all the extra unwanted fat deposited all-round the body for instance, around the waist, at the thighs and the arms etc. By exercising the fat deposited in this area is eliminated and this will go a long way in showing the curves hidden under the fat layer.  For a person who is not overweight exercise is also advisable. The only difference is that a lot of the exercise routine would be aimed at the waist or the gluteus. Doing squats and push-ups daily or every other day will bulk up the bum and bust areas respectively. For a smaller waist, trainers often recommend body twists or waist centered dancing or even playing with a hula hoop. All of these body specific exercises will assist in getting the curvaceous shape you are in search of.

Healthy Eating

When looking for a better body you need to eat better. A healthier diet can also affect the outcome of your results. Eliminating processed junk foods and extremely fatty foods from your diet will boost your overall health meaning you are more active and the body is not overworked from digesting the foods. Even for slimmer people it is much healthier to consume healthy foods and increase intake of vitamins, proteins and healthy fats such as those found in nuts. It is important to note that prior to modifying your diet you should consult a dietitian or nutritionist to advice you on the portion and ratios as well as the categories to eat so that you do not end up with a nutritional deficiency.

Dressing to Create Curves

A lot of the people already have curves which are just not a pronounced as they would like them to be. A person within the normal BMI range then already knows their figure type. We all have different body types. While not all of us have the classic hour-glass figure we are each have our own shape which can be dressed differently to give the look we desire. The hour-glass figure type or the number eight body types tend to have the standard 34:26:38 ratios so they can wear almost anything and look good. There are other boy types in consideration. The kind that has the pear shape body type. This people have a smaller bust and upper body in contrast to their larger hip and posterior lower body. Then we have the apple body types who have a larger upper body compared to their lower body. Then finally we have the straight or tube body type. All four of these types can be dressed differently.


  • Wearing clothes with horizontal stripes or big prints will give the visual illusion of curves by emphasizing your natural curves.
  • Avoiding mono colors also gives the eyes a break from the streamlined effect that is created by a single color and as such creates a curve especially around the waist.
  • Wearing clothes that accentuate the waist such as jackets that end at the waist or even peplum dress or tops also enhance a person figure. Belts are also used to create this effect.
  • Wearing clothes that have volume around the hips or bust will also create a visual illusion of curves.


Other than the above mentioned ways there are other ways used to obtain the curves you desire. Methods such as using a waist trainer or corsets are becoming more popular recently. However they do come with their health ramifications. Before embarking on such adverse methods it is advisable to research adequately on their pros and cons.


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