Whether you’re a startup business raring to get set up in your own office space, or an existing company looking to relocate, setting up a well-stocked, well laid-out office space is paramount to your ongoing or future success. The quality of your office and the supplies it contains will directly influence the quality of the work your employees do – the better their office space, the better their output. So, using the tips provided below, ensure that your new office is set up so that your staff are as comfortable and able to work well as possible.


The traditional office space is changing. Once fairly standardized and cramped, there’s been something of a quiet interior design revolution in office layouts. Ideally, you’ll have plenty of space to play with, which will allow you to create an open-plan and mind-nourishing layout for your staff to enjoy.

When debating an office layout, consider:

  • Easy access to the appliances that all the staff will use
  • Break-out areas with soft chairs for when employees are tired at their desks
  • L-shaped desk layouts for optimal space-sharing

The layout is something you’ll consider right away when regarding your new office space, though the most important factor is what you’ll be installing: the office supplies.


Office supplies are nowadays more diverse, with a huge range in expense and quality. This means that you’ll have your work cut out finding the kind of office furniture that’ll guarantee longevity and comfort, while also not being so bland as to be uninspiring.

Buying in office furniture can be a little expensive as a one-off investment, but by purchasing right, you’ll ensure that your office goes the distance under daily use. You will certainly need the following supplies:

  • Desks, ideally with wire holes for phones and computers.
  • Desk chairs – the more comfortable, the better.
  • Computers and computer monitors for each of your employees.
  • Telephones and – just maybe – a fax machine.
  • A printer with the correct ink cartridges backed up
  • All the office stationery you expect you’ll need, like folders, Post-It notes and whiteboards.
  • Bins and a paper shredder

The list at this point can go on to less necessary things – like office plants or a coffee machine – that you should also consider, seeing as those extra touches are what your staff will appreciate the most.

Computing Power

While an office is composed of furniture with plenty of people engaged in work, it’s the power of your computing system that is really the core requirement for excellent working spaces. Poor or outdated computers are simply slower than their modern, sleeker counterparts – and running slow computers can have a terrible long-term effect on the quality and efficiency of your work.

As such, think very carefully about the type of computers and software you should be running in your office. Make the investment now in order to earn it back over weeks and months of fast, efficient work, by buying quality and speed.

With all of the above considered, you’ll be ready to inaugurate your office space, inviting staff in to get to know their new surroundings.


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