Not too long ago, we talked about Ford’s big bet in self-driving car technology. Ford made a $4 billion investment into developing autonomous cars for the market. The company is serious about its big bet too, with plans to test its autonomous cars in Washington D.C. as soon as this year.

Self-driving cars aside, Ford has been making big investments in car technology these past few years. The company’s latest sedan, the 2019 Ford Fusion, is filled with new features that pamper drivers to the max. Other cars in the company’s lineup are just as interesting.

So, what are the new features you can expect from Ford’s line of exciting cars moving forward? We are going to take a look at Ford’s latest car tech in this article.

The Fusion Hybrid

Ford is no stranger to hybrid engines, but the Fusion Hybrid technology found in the 2019 Ford Fusion is interesting on its own. It is capable of producing a combined fuel efficiency of 42 mpg, which is remarkable when you consider the size and performance of the Ford Fusion. It does so by using Ford’s own 2.0L I-4 Atkinson-cycle gasoline engine as the main source of power.

Many car enthusiasts weren’t happy with Ford’s decision to use the Atkinson-cycle engine, mainly because this type of internal combustion engine produces a lower power density than other engine designs. However, the 2L engine isn’t working alone. There is also an electric motor to fill in the gap, pushing the performance of the Ford Fusion to another level.

Ford also equips the 2019 Ford Fusion – as well as many of its most recent models – with SmartGauge and EcoGuide. Both of these features are designed to help customers drive more efficiently. The two systems provide customers with feedback as they drive, giving them the ability to adjust the way they drive to maximize fuel efficiency at any moment.

Fusion in EV Mode

The hybrid engine is also unique in the way that it switches from electric mode to gasoline mode. Ford incorporates Fusion Energi Auto EV to automate the transition between electric motors and gas engine in the Fusion. The Fusion can run on its electric motors only, or switch between hybrid and gas-only mode as needed.

There is also an EV Now mode. This mode is designed to prioritize the use of Fusion’s electric motors as much as possible. If you want to be able to switch to electric motors later, you also have the option to activate EV Later mode. In most situations, however, the Auto EV mode is smart enough to provide a good balance between performance and efficiency.

Range is never an issue with this hybrid setup. On a full charge and full tank of gas, the 2019 Ford Fusion is capable of covering more than 600 miles. Imagine using the same system in a smaller car; the range can be doubled with minimum tradeoff in performance. Ford also has plans to introduce a similar hybrid system – albeit a more powerful version of it – to the Ranger and Escape series.

More for Efficiency

Ford’s investments in hybrid technology and energy efficiency are paying off in the new Ford Fusion. When you start going through the features this car offers and realize how much more efficient it can be on the road, you will notice Ford’s commitments in improving the energy efficiency of its cars. The Fusion is just the first of many cars that will benefit from these improvements.

For example, you can use regenerative braking and the built-in braking coach to be more efficient when driving. Regenerative braking technology used in the 2019 Ford Fusion is actually capable of recovering more than 90% of energy normally turned into heat when you press the brake pedal, and channel that recovered energy to the internal batteries.

There is also an EcoCruise mode, which optimizes the entire vehicle even further. When cruising on a highway, EcoCruise will provide recommendations on how to optimize your fuel efficiency. It covers aspects of the car such as acceleration, climate control, and your use of the in-car entertainment system. It learns from your driving pattern too.

Driver Assist Features

Ford was one of the first companies to fully support both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. You can connect your phone to the dash and control its features using dials on the steering wheel. You also benefit from voice command and seamless integration with Google Maps and Apple Maps.

Of course, the driving assist features don’t stop there. The Ford Co-Pilot360 is smarter than ever with features like Pre-Collision Assist and Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB). The system will apply the brakes and help you avoid collision, even in the most extreme situation. The Lane-Keeping System also helps you stay in your lane automatically.

My personal favorite is BLIS, or the Blind Spot Information System. Sensors designed to cover blind spots will detect vehicles and automatically issue warnings. This system is designed to reduce accidents caused by drivers not realizing the presence of another car, a motorcycle, or objects in their blind spots.

There is also the Enhanced Active Park Assist, which is now a standard feature in some Ford Fusion models. As the name suggests, the system automatically detects parking spaces and assists you in parking the car safely. You control the acceleration and braking of the car while the Enhanced Active Park Assist system takes care of everything else for you.

These technologies and the features they bring add up. Top Ford dealers like Steve Marsh are already making the 2019 Ford Fusion available at great prices; this dealership even has some Ford Fusion sedans available below its MRSP, which means the limited number of vehicles available will not be in stock for long.

Whether Ford’s investments in self-driving vehicles will pay off remains to be seen. For now, it is clear that the company’s investments in car technology and new features for drivers are making Ford’s lineup of cars more attractive on the market. With the market heating up, Ford is already one or two steps ahead of its competitors in the tech department.


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