Each day over 27 million business cards are printed.

While this is true (and quite impressive), some believe business cards are going “the way of the dinosaur.” Many wonder if this is true  — after all, it’s called the “digital age” for a reason.

It’s not.

Having a professional business card is just as relevant today as it was in previous years. If you aren’t convinced this is true, get to know why they are still important here.

Easily Distribute Contact Details

One of the main reasons business cards are still being used is because they provide contact information with ease. The information for any business is vital to clients.

A quality business card will include all the important contact information a potential client may need, including an email address, phone number, and contact name.

While there are smartphones that can send business card information from one device to another, it’s only possible when the devices are compatible. Not all customers have compatible phones. This makes business cards crucial for all businesses.

The Most Effective Direct Marketing Tool

Paid media, search engine optimization, and email marketing all do a great job of attracting new prospects and leads. However, they still aren’t as effective as having a face-to-face meeting that’s sealed with the exchange of business cards and a handshake.

The fact is, you can encounter a potential contact or lead at any time — airport lounges, happy hour, industry conferences, tradeshows, and more. Having business cards on you at all times will make sure you never miss a chance to make a business connection. Make sure to keep them in your laptop bag, money clip, wallet, or in your pockets so the next time you encounter a prospect, you’re prepared.

It’s Appropriate in Many Cultures

In certain cultures, the business card holds an important place. For these areas, the cards are a part of the overall business rituals. An example of this is if you travel to Hong Kong. Here you are expected to offer your business card to someone when they give you theirs.

If you don’t share your card, you’re almost guaranteed to lose a client. A similar situation is found in Japan. Clients look at the quality of your business card paper to see how well and efficiently you run your business and conduct business operations.

As a result, using business card templates, the right design, and quality paper are essential to make a good impression. Make sure to include your logo, too.

Creative and Unique Business Cards are Shared

Business cards are a physical object that potential prospects leave the encounter with. This means your brand sticks with them.

If you meet someone and exchange your phone numbers and email addresses, you both have yet another contact on your phone — it usually ends there. However, if you pass along your creative business card, that makes an impression, and the individual is more likely to show it to others.

Professional Business Cards are Still Relevant Today

As you can see, having a professional business card is just as relevant today as it was years ago. Make sure to create one you are proud to hand out and have represent your brand.

If you are looking for more business-related information, be sure to check back with us often. This will help ensure you stay well-informed regardless of the topic.


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