Introducing Philp & Co, the E-commerce Specialist. We supply top-tier shopping cart websites for our clients. However, we don’t just provide e-commerce solutions – we also provide the necessary guidance and training to actually take your online business a step further, and become a success. The right digital marketing, to promote and present your online brand accurately, is crucial to gaining new customers, and we excel in providing this.

Philp & Co is also an integration partner for a number of excellent and reputable providers for Payment Gateway solutions, Email Marketing software, and VoIP, SMS & Voice solutions, so we really can provide an end-to-end service, not just with the technical infrastructure, but in providing a complete solution for doing business online.


We build and maintain shopping cart websites for our clients using our bespoke e-commerce website platform, EMS (E-commerce Management System). This is exclusive to clients of Philp & Co. Fully maintained in house, by our own software developers, it’s clear to see the benefits of building your online e-commerce business with us.

Hosted on our powerful Cloud Hosting servers, the websites we build are highly optimised for maximum performance and availability, even under pressure. Slow website performance will never decrease your online sales when working with Philp & Co; 99.99%+ uptime is standard.

Our websites are built on one of the most robust online platforms available, and offer a level of security previously unavailable to small businesses. DDOS Protection, Firewall and Regular Backups ensure potential problems are eliminated before they can even arise.

Philp & Co let our merchants be in full control of their own e-commerce websites right around the clock, providing the tools to manage all aspects of doing business online, including Product/Category management, Sales/Customer management and Advanced Reporting from within our EMS system.

Presently used by many high-profile online sellers, primarily retailers, EMS proves to be an excellent and ideal solution for building a successful e-commerce website for your brand. Any e-commerce website built with us, can convert new sales straight away from Day 1.

One of the biggest benefits to working with ourselves, the software developer of the e-commerce system, is that we can add new features to your website and management dashboard, as and when they are required. There is no new feature which can’t be added to your website!

Because Philp & Co develop the software running our clients websites internally, we can integrate your e-commerce website with almost any other business software you may already use, making your business operations even more efficient, and automating repetitive or laborious tasks.

As your online e-commerce business expands, certain intensive tasks often start to consume a large amount of time each day. We develop your website management system to help automate these recurring tasks, and reduce your time burden immensely.

The unique approach to our service has allowed Philp & Co merchants to achieve revenues of £1M+ without compromising their business models, or spending large amounts with online advertising/promotion firms. We focus on helping our clients gain repeat business to make this happen fast.

Most importantly, because our websites, and our EMS platform, are fully maintained and developed in house, we can offer an unparalleled level of customer support to you, as a valued client of Philp & Co. When you contact us, whether by phone, by email or through our website, you’ll always speak to an experienced e-commerce consultant. We’re very proud of our coveted 5-star client rating.

Please visit our website today, and be sure to contact us to learn how we can greatly assist you in building your online e-commerce business!



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