Pinterest has joined the ranks of Facebook and Instagram among the leading social media platforms. The key advantage of Pinterest comes from its tile based design which is amenable to commercial pages given that tile pictures can easily link to shopping sites. Here are some tips to help you significantly inflate your Pinterest marketing returns.

Use Pin it for Later Button

One easy way to increase user engagement is to use the pin it for later button. Here, you provide the URL of the link next to the phrase pin it for Later and mention it in a post on social media. This would have your site pinned down on the user’s Pinterest board.

Use Keywords to Your Benefit

When you are trying to promote a pin, Pinterest allows you to associate a certain number of keywords with the pin. You should use this feature to full benefit in order to help place your content in front of maximum number of users on Pinterest. Spend some time to think about which keywords would best represent all aspects of your offer, business, brand, and product.

For instance, your pin is about an offer for a buffet dinner at a BBQ joint in Bethesda, MD, a couple of relevant keywords would be buffet dinner in Bethesda and buffet deal in the Bethesda area.

Showcase Multiple Products in the same Pin

By showcasing multiple products in one pin, you increase the universe of users who would engage with that pin. It also showcases a fuller range of your product offering.

Use Tall, High Quality Images with Contrasting, Lighter Colors

The most appealing aspect of Pinterest is the importance given to images and image based links. While Pinterest scales your images to match a standard width, the height is left to you. Try to use images of dimensions between 2 to 3 and 1.3 to 5. Taller pins have been proved to have greater engagement on Pinterest.

Do remember to use images of the highest quality possible, using medium resolution images can wreak havoc on your Pinterest user engagement. Also, given that lighter colors are proven to be repinned more than dark colored images, try to choose colors on the lighter side. Use contrasting colors to make your pin visually appealing.

Use Catchy, Relevant Text Overlays

Images without overlays tend to convey an image of a somewhat unremarkable brand and enterprise. Always use a distinct, properly positioned, properly texted, and visually appealing overlay on your images. It is not about occupying a lot of real estate on the image, but about providing a complementary text phrasing that adds value to your offering and link.

Tag Influencers in Your Pins

If you are a seller, you would often be selling merchandise from people who are category leaders in their segment. When you tag such influencers in your pin, you gain the opportunity to pull in more of their followers to your offer.

Use Place Pins if You are a Local Business

Place pins are one of the most convenient aspects of Pinterest. Use them freely if you are a local business.


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