How can you make your product reach more users with a low budget and how can I compete with large companies?

Well, the answer is very simple, by having an effective marketing campaign on social media, you can grow your small and local business.

Here the 6 simple steps for the beginners to have an effective social media campaign. 

  • Set achievable goals 
  • Segmentation of the target audience
  • Determine which social networks you are going to use 
  • Plan the budget
  • Tell stories and work on creativity
  • Analyze results

The first micro enterprise took place in 1929 when spinach growers were losing their crops and just a few wanted to eat it.

Today, big companies are involved in social media marketing because of a large growth in the use of these networks.

This is just a start, the evolution involved in the internet and social media networks is going on a whole new level as a study by Oberlo shows that only Facebook has more than 2 billion active users monthly.

Most of the small businesses do not focus on social media marketing today or maybe they are not clear about which platform to choose.

Here is a complete guide, how to plan a social media campaign to grow your small businesses.

Set achievable goals 

Every social media strategy must have objectives to analyze the results of the actions taken.

Some of the objectives or goals can be:

  • Generate traffic to website or e-commerce online store
  • Increase the number of followers
  • Increase the conversion in an online store
  • Promote the brand profile and posts
  • Increase the interaction with mobile application
  • Promotion of videos

Remember you must set the goals so you can analyze the scope of the campaign.

Segmentation of the target audience

This is something you must establish that what is your target audience? 

One of the main benefits of social platforms is that they allow you micro-segmentation that vary the results of the advertising campaign.

These segmentations can be based on:

  • Sex 
  • Age
  • Location
  • Interest
  • Languages
  • Behaviors
  • Connection devices

You can reach faster to your client by segmentation and this will increase your return on investment.

There are some questions that you must remember while targeting a specific audience. These are:

  • What do they like 
  • What are their interests
  • What are you offering

Determine which social media networks you are going to use

Analyze which network will be best for your brand as choosing a social media platform is very essential for your business.

Different platforms can be used for a social media campaign.


Facebook is one of the most used social media networks on the internet. About 2.6 billion users use this platform monthly, so it is a great opportunity to advertise on it.

With little money, you can do great things with Facebook. Tell your audience about the benefits of your brand through stories and blogs. Plan your content to update and make a proper schedule for this purpose.

Use images or videos that convey the personality of your brand and respond to comments at the correct time.You can all types of ads you can make through Facebook Ads Guide. I recommend you start with the ad manager if you are a beginner.


For social media marketing, it is the ideal place to advertise. Create your campaigns using hashtags and allow your users to interact through responses or retweets.

You should generate at least 5 to 7 tweets every day or you can post ads through twitter platform.

This network also has very good segmentation options, you can even advertise to followers of a specific account, for example, promote a hashtag or segment by the television program.


Instagram is the network to reach the youngest audience as most teenagers use this social media platform. 

Create a style for your images and schedule your posts and don’t forget to use a hashtag.


If you are aiming to target the professional audience, this platform is best for you. 

Segmentation on this platform is based on the following features:

  • Position
  • Job Function
  • Sector
  • Company size 
  • Seniority

You can access the LinkedIn ads setting to run the campaign.


If you want to promote your business by making videos, you cannot find better than YouTube, which is the most used platform on the terms of videos.

You can also choose platforms like Pinterest, Tumblr, Spotify, or Snapchat.

If you prefer to work with influencers who promote your products through different social networks, you can access SocialPubli.

Plan the Budget

It is very important to establish the budget, assign the amount to be spent daily. The spent budget must not be the same every day.

You must distribute the percentage to be invested in each social network. The quantities, percentages, and distribution may change as you analyze the results.

Tell stories and work on creativity 

A well-told story develops interest and emotions in your audience. With this, you can engage with your visitors and they will share your product with others.

Texts and images are very important when it comes to attracting the attention of users. Spend time on this and be creative so you can differentiate yourself significantly.

Create business blogs that are the main source to remain engage with your audience as most people read blogs of different businesses on the internet.Try to make the blog unique and authentic, as google penalizes duplicate content. If you are unable to make your words unique, try to rephrase online by rewording tool available on the internet without any cost.

This tool helps you to rephrase or rewrite your blog in very easy steps.

Analyze the Results

Finally, analyze your hard work by checking the results of your campaign.

All social networks provide metrics both on the web and downloadable reports to analyze the results of the campaigns. Not all metrics are a must for your reports.

 Choose those results that you think will help you obtain the necessary data to evaluate the objectives set and to improve future strategies.

Monitor your audience through:

  • Comments
  • Number of views
  • Number of shares

This will help you to know if you are on the right path or if your campaign needs improvements.


These were the 6 simple steps to follow social media campaigns if your business is small or struggling to go on the next level. We hope this guide will help you to boost your business to a great extent.


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