Traveling for business can be a pleasure. Entrepreneurs and business persons gather good ideas which will help in the improvement of their ventures. The following is a list of business related applications that can help in making the traveler’s tour more fulfilling.

1. TripIT


This is a good app to keep a business person’s necessities in one place. It is an easy application to use for it only needs one to sign up for it using an existing email address or even a Facebook or Twitter account. Whatever information one needs for the travel, be it flight schedules, hotel bookings or even appointments and meetings, TripIt keeps all the information easily and in a calendar .The good thing about this app is that one can simply forward all the related emails into the TripIt account and the app will sort everything out.

Platform: Android, iOS, Windows phone, Blackberry

Price: Basic is free, Premium is 49$ per year

2. Weatherpro


When it comes to traveling, nothing counts more than weather forecast. This app is essential for business travelers for it gives an overview of the weather at the destination.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows phone, Blackberry

Price: $99

3. iTranslate


If one is traveling to a different country, this app should could come in handy. It helps in breaking down the language barrier between parties speaking different languages, be it in a business meeting or when just taking a walk around town.

Platforms: Android, iOS, OSX and Windows

Price: Free

4. Passbook


This app can automatically save boarding passes and hotel confirmations from apps which include United Airlines, British airways, Starbucks among others. One only needs to select”Find apps for Passbook” so that it can load the one the traveler uses. After that, bookings will automatically land there to be easily accessed and scanned for check in.

Platforms:  iOS

Price: Free

5. Gateguru


This is a great companion for those business travelers who travel much often. It summarizes the entire travel itinerary into a simple and appealing interface. The most interesting part of this app is that you can get to know the number of hours spent in the airport, in a flight.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows

 Price: Free

6. Scannable


This mobile app scans paper using the phone camera quickly and nicely, and transforms the input into high quality, ready to save and share. It recognizes business cards, receipts and any other relevant papers. Scans are cropped and enhanced automatically producing high quality documents which can be used for official purposes. It also improves the workflow. It gets the documents into their destinations and the backups are usually kept as a backup

Platform: Android, iOS, Windows

Price: Free

7. Foodspotting


This is a guide in which a traveler can search for a favorite food in a different country and region and if available, it shows where one can get the food. An interesting feature of this app is that it also gives recommendations to the traveler on the food which one should try. One can browse for photos of nearby dishes and see what looks good. This is how it works

  • One should locate his/her location and zoom in to fine-tune it
  • Find a favorite restaurant to see what foodspotters and people in general love in that place
  • Search for a particular dish that is being craved for by name and/or specifications

One can also bookmark the location for later reference

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows

Price: Free

8. AroundMe


This is a mobile application that allows users to quickly locate the nearest point of interest, be it a restaurant, petrol station, bar, lodging, bank hospital and so on. The application finds this services based on the GPS location, giving one the map directions, contact details and any other relevant details concerning the location. A ‘favorites’ section allows the business traveler  to save key places and land maps and also identify nearby cities, parks, geographical locations, airports and various attractions linked up to the appropriate Wikipedia entries

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows

Price: Free

9. Onavo Extend


Business travels often needs a lot of research and because internet use is almost inevitable, this app comes in handy.Onavo Extend app crunches down the data one uses for downloads, other apps, web browsing and even in checking of emails. If a business traveler is in a fixed data plan or travels abroad severally, this will be of good use. One only needs to sign up by email or any other social media platforms like Facebook and twitter or even Skype.

Once you set up the application, the app runs in the background so that at any given time, one can monitor the colored bar charts to see the consumption of the data one is saving.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows

Price: Free

10. XE Currency


The big headache of a business traveler is trying to compare the prices of the local currency with the foreign one. Now that is well sorted. With the XE Currency converter, it is easier to find out the value of a local currency in a foreign country. It is an easy and straightforward app to use with no complicated steps.


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