Investments can be a fantastic way to grow your money and give you a great return. Of course, there is a lot that needs to be considered before you start to invest – how much should you put in? How much can you afford to lose? What should you invest in to start with? Are you familiarised with the tax implications on specific investments? Do you have access to the right tax tools? Having a good broker will help you to work out where to put your money when it comes to some kinds of investments, but in other cases, it’s useful to think about them first, so you have a good idea of what it out there for you. Here are some examples of where you might like to invest once your research is complete.  

Precious Metals

There is something attractive about the idea of investing in precious metals such as gold and silver. These are known as commodities because there is a finite amount of it – once it is all bought or used, it is gone. Therefore, over time, these commodities can become rarer, and their value will go up. That’s why, if you aren’t looking for a short term investment, precious metals can work out well.

Remember, though, that the world economy can mean that precious metals can lose their value too – if there is a boom and paper money becomes more valuable than gold or silver, you could lose out. For every boom, there is sure to be a bust, however, and in these poor economic times, the value of precious metal will go up. Sell at the right time, and you can make a good return.


You’ll often hear it said that there is no better place to put your money than property. This was certainly true in the past, and for those who bought a property before the 1990s, they will have seen a massive increase in the value. This is true despite the economic downturn that began in 2008.

Even though the growth of the property market has stalled, it can still be a great place to invest. Again, you will need the patience to see a big return – you’ll need to pay off your mortgage and then sell for more than you bought it for if you want to do well – but you can also make money every month if you choose to rent the property out. Being a landlord comes with its own set of pros and cons to consider, but it is a good path for those who are interested in holding onto one or more additional properties for as long as possible.

To get on the property ladder, you will need the funds, to begin with. The down payment is the biggest payment, but there will be smaller costs too, such as renovation. A wonga alternative short term loan can help to get the work done and make the home fit for tenants.


There are many business owners around who are looking for investment. They have a great idea and can make a lot of money out of it, but they are unable to put it into practice without additional funds. This is where you can help. By investing in a business like this, you can help an entrepreneur get started, and assuming you have done your research and carefully read the business plan for the business can make an excellent return. Not only that, you could offer some valuable advice to the business owner to help them onto the right path.


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