The competition in the present market is intense. If you are an online business new in the market, you must have a well-planned social media strategy to survive. However, you must note that one social strategy will not work for all platforms. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., should have their own social media strategy for you to succeed in this competitive market.

Set your foot in the competitive market

When it comes to Instagram, you should ensure that you optimize the platform fully for your new business today. It has over one billion users, and with the right social media strategy in place, you effectively can reach out to them with your products and services.

You need to be active daily on Instagram if you want to grab a competitive edge in the market from the start of your operations. If you ignore this platform, you will lose out on sales and revenue. Most importantly, your competitors are on Instagram. If you are not cautious, they will outsmart you with their promotional and marketing campaigns to attract users into buying their products and services over yours.

Stay on the right track with Instagram

If you wish to be ahead in the market competition from your established peers, you must drive sales and earn revenue from Instagram. To accomplish this task, you should devise a good marketing strategy for Instagram.

This guide will help you create a viable strategy with some really simple yet powerful tips that you should apply to your Instagram profiles today. So, let’s start and see how you can become a market leader in the business niche you operate in today-

Grow your Instagram following

To be successful in the market, you need to increase the number of Instagram followers on your profile. If you have a decent number of followers, you do not need to struggle to get your content seen. Moreover, you will not invoke sales and revenue for your new business if you do not have followers for your Instagram profile.

For anyone who has just created their page for Instagram, starting with zero followers is surely challenging. Unless you are an established brand, you actually will have no one following you at the start. So, here are some simple tips for you to do-

  • Become a follower of established brands. Like, share, and comment on their posts.
  • Send messages to your email subscribers. Tell them you are on Instagram and ask them to follow you on your page. Send these messages out a couple of times in a month regularly.
  • Post an Instagram badge on your website so that visitors can follow you easily
  • Look for followers that match your targeted audience. They are a safe bet for generating web traffic, lead conversions, and revenue.
  • Buy real likes from credible companies to get a decent number of likes on your page. New visitors will see your posts, and they will only follow you when you have likes, shares, and comments on them.

The first impression of your page counts

Make sure you pay attention to your Instagram page as first impressions are important. Think from the perspective of a customer. What will he see when he visits your page? Keep the following in mind-

  • Your Instagram profile describes you and what you do
  • Keep your business logo as your profile picture
  • The link to your website or landing page should be present in your Instagram bio
  • Keep everything short and simple

If your first impressions do not work, you will not have much luck in converting visitors into customers.

Post content regularly

You must have an effective content posting strategy in place for your Instagram profile. Posting content once every month will never get you anywhere. Your business brand should be fresh all the time. Your existing customers often come back to check out what is new. However, keeping the above in mind, you again should not spam followers with your posts. So,

  • Post once a day
  • Optimize Instagram Stories
  • Plan the timings of your posts- the ideal time of the day to post content is when most of your customers are online

Do not sell aggressively or be too pushy

The content you post has the objective to drive sales; however, this does not mean you to be too “pushy” when it comes to product/service promotions. This will certainly annoy your followers, and they might leave your profile. The following tips will help-

  • Mix up your content (images, videos, stories, etc.)
  • Make your content interesting and fun (do not stray from the brand message while you do this). For instance, you can post funny pictures of your employees enjoying themselves at work.
  • Stay away from topics that are controversial (religion, politics, national crisis, race, etc.) If you offend your present and potential followers, it will be hard for you to drive sales and revenue. You might end up hurting their sentiments.
  • Keep the number of promotional posts low. Once in a while, you can promote your products/services. Please do not do it often as this will annoy your present and potential followers.

Go Live on Instagram

Live streaming of videos helps you connect and reach out to your followers on Instagram better. You get the chance to interact with your followers in real-time. You could-

  • Demonstrate products launched recently
  • Give them a virtual tour of your office
  • Introduce your employees
  • Host a live Q/A session
  • Give them a glimpse of behind-the-scene activities of your office like production, distribution, etc.

Therefore, if you want to boost sales and reach out to your followers better, the above tips should be incorporated into your Instagram marketing strategy. They are simple and ideal for any business irrespective of size and operation.

Make sure you read the comments of your followers and reply to them as soon as possible. Followers like the human touch of companies, and they emotionally bond better with them. Moreover, followers who connect with you gradually become your loyal customers and brand ambassadors in the market too!


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